Sunday, February 19, 2006

One Day and One Night Left

Only one day and one more night left before my journey to the Philippines begins. I've been busy preparing. Obviously not many people commented on what to bring, so the checklist still looks the same as it was--empty. But I think I got everything I need together, I just hope I don't go over the weight limit for the boxes. Except maybe for a few last minute additions, I'm pretty much set. I'm ready; I just feel a little tired.

As you can see, the site changed a little. It's less a site now and more of a blog. I realized that I really will not have the time and money to maintain the site the way it was once I get to the Philippines. So I got rid of all the attached subsites I had created and decided to turn Coconuter into more of a travelogue/blog, which was my original intention for it. Unfortunately all the comments are gone from the old version of the site, and all those subsites I made aren't linked through here anymore. It was nice then, but I like it the way it is now too. Simple is just better sometimes.

Monday, February 20, 2006
Creating a Checklist
I'm trying to create a comprehensive checklist of things to bring. I don't want to forget anything, so leave a comment and give me lists of things to bring to the Philippines. I can only bring two 50 lb. boxes and a luggage carry-on, and please remember that I am essentially going to be a nomad in the Philippines so the bare necessities are of the utmost priority.

February 20, 2006
Official Flight Date
Well, I finally got enough money to buy the ticket. My flight to leave Houston, Texas, USA for the Philippines is officially set for February 21, 2006, and as you can see on the itinerary, I will be arriving at the Manila airport on February 23 (it's going to take about 15 hours to get from Houston to Manila, but the time zone change is what accounts for the departure and arrival date difference). As for any extra money I'll be bringing with me, that's still pretty much little to none.



still considering suggestions on what to bring? include in your pack as many as possible of your personal, school and work records as possible (such as birth certificate, diplomas, transcripts of records, training and work certificates, etc.) because you'll need them if you would like to work here...another suggestion is that you bring a photo folio of yourself because methinks that you'll give Luis Manzano (he's a local actor) a headache should you decide to enter showbusiness here... but if you're goin here just to be a 100%nomad, then be a nomad...the basic essentials will do...

raissa said...

Have a safe trip!

like one of the comments said, tsinelas and comfortable shoes. as much as possible light clothing. coming from the US most likely when everyone is cold, you are sweating profusely.

best of all..a sense of adventure (which you already have), open mind. Have fun!

archivedcomments said...

Joni said...

Tsinelas are most important. :P

Depends on where you're going actually...

Comfortable footwear, of course, if you're gonna be traveling 'round. lol. Don't want to get blisters y'know.

Mace, if you'll be takin' a trip 'round the urban jungles of Pinas. J/K. ;)

Bon voyage!
Have a safe trip "home". :)

12:54 PM
Anonymous said...

dude where are you going? a guy that just came out from the NAIA airport with 2 large boxes and a hand carry luggage with little money and planning to be a nomad, you'd get robbed on the first day you set foot there. i love the philippines but man gotta be careful especially in the urban areas
12:55 PM
Anonymous said...

well actually if you're planning to be a nomad in the Phils... you dont need anything, you can buy everything cheap there. Besides if you're gonna be a travelling nomad, you dont need two boxes to carry around with you right?

My advise is, keep it simple, dont be a stand out, if you have a branded bag, clothes or footwear get rid of it... keep it simple and dont be too flashy :-p
7:18 PM

jmsalviz said...

Are you not having a hard time coping with the things new to you like living in a simple house with no air conditioning unit wherein America probably you're enjoying a good life?

Suppose I admire your bravery to live here in your motherland.

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