Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Bad Things Have Happened

Bad things have happened, and the web site has reached a low point. Thieves broke into the house and stole my digital camera, some of my clothing, food, among other things... This almost makes my web site dead as I have no other way of taking and placing pictures, but I'm trying to look at this as a trial in my journey and not as an ending point.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope that this is not the end. Hang in there.

You'll be in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

if only im in he philippines , tulungan kita..
but im in Middle east , i dont have paypal.. nwei start looking for work my friend..
look for a good company .. your credentials are very good

bert said...

I was afraid something like this could happen to you. At least, you were not waylaid on your way home and your digital camera and other belongings taken from you by force. Baka nasaktan ka pa. Anyway, take care and I hope you find some ways to recover from this bad experience.

Anonymous said...

Malas mo naman pards, anyway If your looking for a nice documentaries about filipino lives go to Batanes.. They were very honest People...Kahit may malaglag na twenty pesos o relo just go the the radio station.Dun dinadala ang mga nawawalang gamit..

Dont forget to take a photo on the ,,But im not sure if it is "Honesty shop" parang ganun nag pangalan. walang tao pero pwede kang bumili at lalong hindi vendo machine eto...

Maybe if you will go there, try to talk with the governor,,i aasist ka pa nun...for your reference go to GMA 7. my documented report About the Batanes for being Honest.

You are the Pride of every filipinos.....I can tell.

Me, Im here in Japan, working in Petrochem Design company..meron din sa Texas eh.....Homesick na ako gusto ko na umuwi....October siguro....

Anonymous said...

i've seen your video on youtube.com...truly inspiring.... you have lost your camera?? this is philippines pre!!! Enjoy life... hehehehe....... same thing happen to me.... well... you need to expereince that... you're welcome to my netcafe for free.... but im here in mindanao... would you like to visit???
email me at bugipogi@yahoo.com

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