Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Forest

Nag-araro nanaman ako. I gave tilling another go as many farmers are still preparing their land for planting rice. I'm starting to get the hang of it actually. I've learned the key to actually tilling the land is pulling up on the plough so it digs into the ground and also steering the plough inwards so it cuts into new ground. The art is connecting with the carabao and being able to communicate with him/her because you need to be able to direct the carabao in a straight line and also make it slow down and stop at corners. The plough also needs to be carried and moved 90 degrees at every corner.

I also went exploring in a forest or gubat. A river or ilog coming from a nearby mountain crosses through the forest and many people in the area wash clothes in it like Filipinos generations ago did. They even leave their clothes out on the rocks to dry unattended. I also saw others fishing using small nets and spears in the river. The people in the area are also fairly quiet and are not used to too many visitors, but they do respond to a smile and a friendly wave. There were also many fruit and vegetable-bearing plants on the way as well as several native chickens, goats, cows, and carabaos. These people basically have subsistence down to an art. As I went deeper into the forest I also came across a wild horse. And finally, I found a small waterfall where I took a quick swim to cool off. I even encountered a carabao swimming in it as well! The water was very clean and is probably good enough to drink (except where the carabao was swimming, haha). Areas that are non-tourist and unlittered like this one are the true treasure spots of the Philippines, in my opinion.


vonjobi said...

just a thought... who's taking the photos? and do you upload them one by one?

Coconuter said...

I actually angle and choose many of the shots and just have others (whoever wants to tag along) click the camera. But of course I can't do it all the time, like when I am in the water. There are actually more pictures than what I place on the web site but some are blurry or sometimes the connection at the internet cafe is just too slow that I don't place all the pictures on the blog. Yes, they are slowly uploaded one by one through blogger.

Anonymous said...

what province is this?

Z said...

Reading you farm tilling story reminded me of what we did a long time ago when I was still in high school. Our school organized an activity we called "the farm experience". I enjoyed it especially the mud part. Fun but working under the hot sun is quite unbearable hehehe Im surprised for someone like you to be doing things most Filipinos would not do or would take for granted and you seem to be enjoying every bit of it. Thats really nice. You're more Filipino pa ata than I am hehehe

Daniel said...

This blog made me remember my last trip to the Philippines when I was like 8 and how refreshingly clean the river was in a province in Olongopo. They would also wash clothes there and a couple of the local kids and I would go swimming there.

I actually had watched your story on the Kapamilya show here in Cali, US and was truly inspired that I had to immediately go and read your blog afterwards.

Well, I'm still reading and am enjoying everything.

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