Friday, September 15, 2006

A River Runs Through It

It was refreshing to feel the cool breeze surrounding a river I visited today. Surrounded by large mountains going past the clouds and with scattered lilies amongst a carpet of green foliage, the river was a spectacular sight to see. Some of the land near the river are used for agriculture. I saw some corn and sitaw (string beans) that are planted. There are bahay kubos around where the locals live and skeletons of other nipa huts as they are being constructed. I saw some children swimming in the river and even carabaos as well. I trekked down the river until I reached the dam. There I observed two men fishing and another diving. The fishermen used a bamboo shaft with a line. As for the man diving, I'm not sure what he was searching for. As I got closer to the water, I noticed that it was very clear. The rocks beneath are easily seen. There is also a photograph I took of bubbles rising from the water. It seems that an underground spring also combines with the river. When I crossed to get to the middle, I took a photo of a red dragonfly. The rocks are very slippery, and I almost fell in several times, haha. Overall, the area was very beautiful, and I wanted to go further along the path of the river but decided to go ahead and post online since I took enough photos. Perhaps I'll return another day to go deeper, as exploring the nooks and crannies of areas are what interest me the most. There is an Ilocano saying (and similar sayings in other languages) that goes No sáan nga makaammó nga nangtaliáw ti naggapuánna, saán a makadánon ti papanánna, which means "He who does not look back to his origins will not reach his destination." So if you come from the urban metropolis, look back. Go further than city. Go past the suburbs. Stray from the crowded communes for a while. Follow the highway, then follow the paths that branch off. Then trek through the agricultural lands where the food of your nation comes from. See the villages and areas that serve as the roots of the leaves you see today.


Anonymous said...


I am really impressed by your modus vivendi. Please read mu email to you.

Thanks so much!

Yel here

ReN!e said...

hi bro.. you know what.. I'm so happy for your adventure in philippines... hope i can do the same thing when I go back to phils..

Keep posting bro... you have a lot of readers... :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've stumbled upon a great place to relax. Based on the photos, it looks calming and very peaceful. I think it'd be a great hideaway from the stress and pollution from the city.

Anonymous said...

WoW NicE BloG

--- just an education student--- arlene soriano

mike said...

nice blog ha, i ope one day i can be like you, hehehe...

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