Monday, November 20, 2006


This is the first and only draft of this article, so please forgive any typos and punctuation errors...


As I have posted in a previous entry, ABS-CBN's drama-documentary show featured a glimpse of the "Coconuter" story. Following the airing of the story nation-wide and all over the world, it brought about a significant increase in site traffic. Although I was not paid for the feature, I am thankful that ABS-CBN's Nagmamahal Kapamilya had the courage and follow-through to shoot and air the feature. In addition to the increase in site traffic was also a significant increase in e-mails and entry comments. Reading all these messages (and I do read them all), I noticed the different types of people who had written to me.

The majority of people who e-mailed or commented mentioned that they have been inspired in some way or another, and I am quite happy to hear that I have affected a number of lives in a positive manner. And there are those who say I am crazy, while other claim that I am a fool. Some of them don't know what to think of the subject and are a little confused and also incredulous. And then there are some that make sharp criticisms and biting statements towards me, thinking they understand it all.

There exists a number of people in the world and quite particularly here in the Philippines that tend to act negatively or degradingly in response to an awareness or witnessing that someone else has accomplished or attained something of value. The bad feelings that one harbors because someone else has something that is of value to them that they themself were unable to obtain or because someone has figuratively climbed higher up the social ladder, is simply known as jealousy. Jealousy, in turn, can build into something more destructive in some people when they react degradingly towards the object of their jealousy. This negative reaction can be stated, in other words, as people who try to bring you down. It is also known as crab mentality. The metaphor "crab mentality" refers to "a pot of crabs in which one tries to escape over the side, but is relentlessly pulled down by the others in the pot," and can best be described by the phrase "if I can't have it, neither can you." Essentially, due to their jealousy, these people would like to bring you back down to their level or even lower, if possible. Of the criticisms, the recurring ones include the following: that I am poisoning the minds of people, that I'm a fake, that I'm a scammer, and that I'm irresponsible, selfish, and immature.

Some say that I am poisoning the minds of the people, particularly the youth. Poisoning minds was never one of my goals in life, and I don't think it ever will be. And if what I write is poison, please, stop reading. This applies also to anyone who has a problem with me or my material--just stop reading the blog. And please, don't waste time writing me hate mail.

There are also some who have doubts about my identity and the credibility of my stated background (like the resume). Well, if the research and background investigation that ABS-CBN, GMA-7, and the Philippine Daily Inquirer performed verifying records from the U.S. was not enough, then that's unfortunate for such skeptics. However, it is ironic that these same people who doubt my identity and credibility remain anonymous or provide a false identity when messaging me despite for my request for their real name.

Another accusation, that has particularly been circulating in online forums, is that I am a scammer. If I'm a scammer, then churches, priests, and politicians must be also. I have never swindled anyone, and I have never had any intent of fooling and stealing from people. If the "Make a Donation" button by PayPal is what you call a scamming technique, then good luck in suing PayPal and swaying the countless of other website owners who have that same "Make a Donation" PayPal button into taking theirs off. If the posting of my Metrobank account number is appalling, then please note that I posted that for all the Filipinos who have been requesting a bank account number from me because of their inability to use PayPal. If the fact that I've posted a way to donate to me is what's upsetting you, then please don't view it as donation but as funding for the survival of the Coconuter site. View it as funding for the time and effort spent on the articles, photography, travel, e-mails/questions/requests, and management of the site. And if you're jealous of what I may be receiving, don't be, as only few people have donated after the Nagmamahal Kapamilya airing. Most people either pretend to donate or make promises of helping but are actually just exhibiting hypocrisy as they never follow through.

Everyone has the freedom to donate/fund the Coconuter site or not, just as you do for donations/funding given to the church, priests, and politicians. But if you choose to donate or fund, please label it. Label whether it is a gift, support for the site, a trade, or a business transaction. I say this because I will be discussing ways later in the article on how the "Coconuter" site can progress via business ventures and utilization of my skills. I also mention this labelling of funds because of something called "utang na loob" (literally, debt of the inside) or debt of gratitude. If you label the funds, then the possible misinterpretation of what the funding is for can be avoided. This way, I will know what funding received requires something in return, and I can decide whether to accept or refuse. I say this because it is difficult to deal with after-the-fact if someone provides funding that is not labelled and requires something in return in the future. It's like placing an "utang na loob" on me that I was not even aware of to begin with. It is better to state beforehand the details of a transaction so both parties are aware and can have the opportunity to decide whether to accept or reject. Thus, an undefined "utang na loob" can be avoided. This can also be extended into another undesirable situation. Do not provide me with unlabelled funding or even "gifts" if you plan to have a business transaction in the future. Even if obliged to disregard the "gifts," it can still create a potential "utang na loob." Providing "gifts" can also skew the playing field. A "gift" can cause a potential "humbling and refraining" effect on the recipient, which places limitations on the recipient from the unequal status levels, and thus creating a poorly performing business environment.

Speaking of jealous people making degrading and defaming statements and criticisms, I recently read an article online with just that towards the Filipino boxing champion, Manny Pacqiuao. The article basically referred to Manny Pacquiao as a "monkey" that the "idiot-branded" Filipinos worship for fighting in a no-good sport because it only involves "pure savagery." I just wanted to share this as another example of crab mentality and jealousy in action as the object of jealousy is degraded and defamed in an attempt to bring down that object of jealousy.

I am glad I was not brought up this way. I would like to thank my parents for that, for their genes and actual upbringing. I was taught to have good morals, be respectful, and humble, among other things that make up a decent character. I don't degrade and defame. I may address the truth about certain trends or events that I have discontent towards, but I will not specifically put down someone in particular. As I said, genes and parents' upbringing have a lot to do with one's character and behavior. Apart from that, the environment in which the child was brought up also has an influence on the resulting character. I've observed the environment's influence when I taught children in the U.S., including Filipino children. I noticed that Filipino children who were brought up during their younger years in the Philippines form a more decent character and disciplined behavior later on in life.

It was a great victory, by the way, for Manny and the Philippines. Not to take away from Manny's victory (which I was happy for), I did feel some sympathy for Erik Morales though as I know he trained hard as well. But even more awesome than the fight was the phenomenon it created for the Philippines nationwide and for Filipinos all around the world where daily life was put on pause just to watch the fight. And Manny seems to be a good guy. I smiled when I saw him on television saying that he prays for everyone before a fight, including Morales. I believe Manny and Morales even had dinner together after the fight as well.

Going back to criticisms towards me, some also say that I am lazy, a leech, and a burdent to society. But before addressing these, I wouldl ike to talk about welfare recipients and "stand-bys." Welfare in the U.S. was meant to be a subsidy for those handicapped in some manner and are physically unable to perform work. Unfortunately today, it seems that the system is being abused. Foodstamps and other welfare subsidies are being assigned to many who are very capable of performing work. This particular example is what I call as laziness, or a leech or burden to society. "Stand-bys" in the Philippines, on the other hand, area different story. My personal opinion is that "stand-bys" are not necessarily lazy nor are they necessarily jobless because of a lack of jobs. For the most part, in economic terms, I think they choose to be jobless and sustain on their own not because of a lack of jobs but because of a lack of sufficiently paying jobs that satisfies their personal opportunity cost. In other words, giving up time or another resource to perform such low paying jobs is a cost that is too high. There are plenty of jobs available all around the Filipinos, they're just not necessarily the jobs that satisfy their opportunity cost. I see nothing wrong with this as it is an efficiency issue and these "stand-bys" have their own freedom of choice. They may go abroad to meet their opportunity cost level or stay in the Philippines and self-sustain while waiting for the job they would prefer. This "stand-by" situation is similar to mine. I am not leeching off of society as in the welfare system situation in the U.S. I am also not lazy. I have no problem in performing tasks of physical labor. What is valued more than something else will vary among people and countries when decisions are made about how to allocate resources. And these resources of worth can vary among us, whether it'd be time, our health, our effort and energy, etc. Each of us have our own capacities of physical and mental stress, opportunity cost level, preference of what work we can efficiently perform, and freedom of choice. Thus far, I feel a passion towards the scope and focus of the "Coconuter" site, which is why I would like to continue putting work into it regardless if it gets ample funding or not. However, certain factors may affect this progression, which I will elaborate on further later in this article.

Moreover, reagarding readers' comments (but this time praise instead of criticism), some have pointed out that they see some similiarties with Henry David Thoreau's "Walden," Jose Riza's "Noli Me Tangere," and Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot," which are about (but not completely about) simple living & critique of the modern civilization, independence and identity, and existentialism, respectively. Some have even compared the journey to Buddha's. I just wanted to say thank you for the comparisons and that I am quite flattered.

I also would like to say that despite the Filipino flavor of the site, I would like to take the focus of the "Coconuter" blog internationally. I believe it has universal meaning and can apply to anyone worldwide. Therefore, more international exposure (and also more national exposure here) will be an additional goal of mine if anyone would like to help out. Acts like mention of the site through e-mails, forums, chat, sites, blogs, shirts, signs, magazines, school/college journals, newspapers, and other media really help.

With that said, I would like to briefly address the issue in the Middle East. I read a few weeks ago that Saddam Hussein
was convicted of crimes against humanity by the Iraqi Special Tribunal and was sentenced to death by hanging. Well, let me think about how I can comment logically about this. From my knowledge, I note that Saddam Hussein was president of Iraq and ran an authoritarian government for almost two and a half decades. He "repressed movements that it deemed threatening, particularly those of ethnic or religious groups that sought independence or autonomy." I do believe the same is being done in Mindanao towards "threatening groups seeking independence autonomy." And then there was Hussein's order for execution of 148 people because of their attempt to kill him. There was the Gulf War, where he was popular among Arabs and not so much with Israel and the U.S. I am aware that the reason for this division in the Arab world was for Hussein's proposal to withdraw from Kuwait should Israel give back part of their occupied land to Palestine. This brought highlight on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Hussein was stubborn and did not follow what former President George Bush Sr. ordered, so former President Bush Sr. sent in the missiles. Then the 9/11 attacks occurred, which brought more conflict in the Middle East and provided more incentive for U.S. to get involved in the area. With intelligence reports of WMD's (weapons of mass destruction) in Iraq, President Bush Jr. used this as reason to invade Iraq. That and possibly also because Hussein was hard-nosed to his father during the Gulf War, which maybe the actual initial incentive and the intelligence reports as reason for Congress and the American populace to agree. Which, may have been quite easy to do during that time because statistics reveal a significant amount of Jews in Congress and American media. After the fact, President Bush Jr. was proved wrong and no WMD's were found in Iraq. So this essentially means that the U.S. invaded, disrupted, and basically shattered a nation because of imaginary WMD's (but of course it's ok if the U.S. mass produces such WMD's and no one complains). Hussein was captured and was put on trial for the killings of 148 people because of their attempt to kill him, because they can no longer put him on trial for WMD's. They (the Iraqi Special Tribunal, which is heavily influenced by the U.S.) sentenced him to death. What future effect will this have in the Middle East, with Saddam Hussein being viewed as a hero to anti-U.S. Arab nations? Probably not a good effect. Is it ok for a country (the U.S.) to invade another country based on a whim or the justification that the U.S. used? And they were wrong, why are there no repercussions for the destruction they caused? Onto the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. It's basically a "who was first" issue. Well, based on historical records, the first recordings show Palestinians as being first in the land that is known as Israel today. But with a whole lot of antisemitism (expelling Jews) going on throughout the world (I wonder why Jews have always been expelled all throughout history... no, I really do wonder... it's interesting), the Jews migrated to what is now known as Israel. To shorten the story, with the help of the U.S., Israel basically took all of Palestine's land away from them and still have no intention of giving any back. Apparently, they don't want to co-exist. Well, this "who was first" issue has been around for a very long time. Europeans taking of America from the Native Indians is a prime example. And there's no talk of giving back the U.S. to the Indians. Perhaps Israel will create reservations for Palestinians, since they seem to follow the U.S. quite well. If you really get down to it, I'm sure there was a group of people before the Native Indians, and also a group of people before the Palestinians. But then again, there was enough land to go around for everyone back then. While today, with the ever-increasing human population, it seems that the fight for land is inevitable in order to not be driven out. So, I really don't know. I'm not a part of the United Nations Council, but perhaps, based on my knowledge and logic, the best and most feasible resolution would be for Palestinians and Israelis to make an even split of the modern day land of Isreal. But how is this possible with the significant presence of Jews in the U.S. Congress and media, and the U.S. dominating influence in the United Nations' decisions. But peace should always be sought, and the Earth is everyone's land and everyone has the right to exist on this planet.

So what will be the fate of "Coconuter?" I am torn between my responsibilities as a son, a father, and a husband. The "Coconuter" objective cannot continue with this problem. I hope and dream that a solution can be found to make everyone happy. They say money cannot solve everything, but in this case, it can help quite a lot if not solve the problem entirely. There is a saying I'm sure you all have heard, "Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime." With that said, I would like to offer and utilize my skills and talents for making a profit. The fate of "Coconuter" is on the line. My time is running out.


Gary said...

Hi David,
This is the first time that I visited your blog, and voila, a fresh post. I've been following it for three weeks now.

It seems your adventures here in the Philippines are finally paying off. You're discovering yourself more, your opinions form before you. It seems the coconuts are finally falling from the sky. Perfect coconuts? Not quite. You're a smart guy, I guess by now, you've realized there are all sorts of people in the world, and I'm not talking about races. You cannot please everybody, and don't ever think that you could. Just keep at it. Do whatever it is that you do, whatever gives you meaning until you find fulfillment. That's what life is all about, the journey.

If your tired of the nomadic/bucolic life and would like to go back to the city. Try your luck in Manila, opportunities abound... Or you could fall to your safety net. You can always go back home, I mean to your parents. (I am not sure where it is that you call home.)

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood....
I took the one less travelled by,
and that has made all the difference."
The Road Not Taken
Robert Frost.

Good luck, good health, god speed!


blnavi said...

Disregard people with "crab mentality" they are not worth a passing thought.

redr said...

i really love the brutal honesty of your posts. and the way you put things, i admire how you them into nitty-gritty perspective. keep it up!

Lino T. said...

As what you have said, there are a lot of jealous persons who puts people down. Sir, you cannot please everybody and you have done your best, and this what I think counts most. We have choices to follow and it is our right to pursue such a choice and no one has the right to kill any endeavor we decided to do.

My deepest regards to the Coconuter! I hope you'll reach your goal and suceed in every endeavor. Godspeed!

Anonymous said...

You're one of a kind. Very well said. Don't mind those people making negative claims about you. As what you have said, INGGIT lang sila sayo. Wala kasi silang magawa kaya naninira na lang. They are LOSERS.

Grabe, iba talaga dating ng blog mo. Napaka-ganda basahin. Kaya everyday at least once I go to your blog to check your posts. I receive some messages sa 6 friendster accounts(i spread your blog through this) ko saying that na-inspired sila sayo, naging isang idol ka sa kanila and they wanna thank you for the inspiration and the wonderful posts you provide in your blog.

Continue with what you are doing. God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

Good luck David! Whatever choice you make, you now have more people looking at you. Watching your next step. Quite a big responsibility actually. Beyond being a son, a father, or a husband.

I don't envy your position now as you have been placed into a spot where people can easily target you and at the same time there are people who see you as an inspiration.

That's tough. Hope you make a decision along the way that makes most people happy. And in the end, you are happy as well.

Even if you go back to the real world, man, that's okay. We all do. You just did something most of us could only think of.

It's a phase I think... a friend called it romanticized backpacking. But it's all good I think...You can choose to stay in the Philippines or go back to the US but in all you did went through something good.


Anonymous said...

very good write up...batu-bato sa langit ang tamaa'y huwag magagalit, to your descructors. Don't ever be affected or discouraged with them as long as there are people who believe in you just continue writing an article, I am here to support you. They are a mockerer,they are not raise well even though you still believe that Filipinos who are raise here and stay part of their lives in other country have a good character than the other races how much more if they stay their entire life here..tsk..tsk.. there is a problem in their genes and probably their upbringings.

Nice analogy between their (your descructors) accusation to you that you are ignorance of it and what happened to the arab nations specifically to Saddam Hussein, the U.S. accusation that Hussein have a reservoir of WMD but they failed to prove it. You expound it that way that is why I understand better.Bravo pre..Keep up!


hermes said...

DONT mind the others who are questioning your purpose for this blog. You can never satisfy them all, and besides, WHO FORCED THEM TO READ YOUR BLOG? NOBODY! A simple way of putting things in perspective here. IF YOU DONT LIKE WHAT YOU READ HERE, THEN STOP ACCESSING THIS BLOG. I just dont understand why some have to question your motive for this blog. For them, there is always a hidden agenda on everyhting.
For "MOST" of us readers of your BLOG (AND I say "MOST" just by looking at the comments on your previous articles), keep on writing. For all I know, those "SOME" are the ones who DONT even donate/contribute or however you want to call it now to your site.
Your doing a GREAT job and a favor to our youth.

Anonymous said...

very good write up...batu-bato sa langit ang tamaa'y huwag magagalit, to your descructors, don't be discouraged but continue writing an article for your blog, for you said that majority of your readers are inspired by your story.. they are just a dust or trash ready to be thrown in the compose pits. I am here to support you anyway. Even you believe that Filipinos has a good character than other races when they are raise here and live part of their lives in other country how much more those people who have been here in their entire life...tsk...tsk... most probably they have a problem in their genes and wrong upbringings.

Nice analogy...with what your descructors accused you, being an scammer and I believe this is the heaviest accusations to you among others. Parang yong ginagawa nila e gusto ka nila patayin unti-unti through ridicule words comimg from them. Do not be affected. Those people are narrow minded and stiff necked.. And the accusation of U.S. gov't that Saddam Hussein has a reservoir of WMD which they failed to prove it.
Just continue what you have started and later on definitely you will prove them wrong..Bravo pre..
Keep up!

almazanse (:

tex said...


After being in the press and featured on a tv show, did you really think that some 'trolls' wouldn't be coming out of the woodwork?

Relax man, you're doing the right thing - and I don't believe that you're some leech twisting someone's arm for scratch. I really can't believe some people could actually infer that from you.

You're going to learn alot from this experience and it'll change you in a better way. You've got the right idea: Live in the 3rd world; but, make your money in the 1st world (e-commerce).

Anyway, I'm going to email you a little later about some other stuff.

Ok. So I guess this is the part where I quote Keats or some other famous poet. Alright, here you go: "Beauty is truth, truth is beauty, that is all you ..."

BTW, were you ever in the M.O.B.?

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful you've already known how people works in 'mysterious' ways. Just don't bite back. You're still young, and definitely you'll learn a lot. Many things will change, many things will occur. Just hold on to your faith. And remember, no matter how 'cruel' the world is, just give your share of kindness and you'll be rewarded in the end. Not in money, nor recognition. But a reward that can only be felt inside your heart.
God speed!

Anonymous said...

David, I just hope this is your last article to deal with negative and jealous people. It is not worth paying them any attention. You will always encounter this kind of people in any endeavor. Concentrate more in entertaining people by writing more frequently. I was just lurking through your blog before but after reading about those depressing people I feel an obligation to write you something to uplift your spirit. You don’t need to prove to anyone of your qualification. If readers are smart, they believe whatever you have indicated in your blog. Just keep on blogging. I will always look forward to your articles.

Lentootz said...

U don't have to please everybody.
Gawin mo lang kung anong gusto mong gawin. Inggit lang sila!

Anonymous said...

hi david i'm an avid fan of ur blog...i'm going to give you a friendly advice...don't mind other people esp.those who keep on saying negative stuff about u they were just jelous and for some calling you a fool,crazy scammer and whatsoever... don't mind them they were just insecure...all u have to do is just be urself and be confident enough okei?!


Islander said...

well said...

the entry is too long though that i stopped at the half of it.

anyway, anonymous comments are annoying. you can ignore them. and on the accusations, its either they just dont delve into what things are really meant or just jumping into conclusions... still, you can ignore them.

janis chua said...

David,i know that you'll have whatever it is that you need to have in order to deal with your obligations right now because i know that you are a good person.there will be somebody out there who will help you out in no time.dont mind those who criticize you,just like what you said,they are jealous of how you are becoming..A lot of people are here to support you..And that's what matters.
Good Luck!

Natalie said...

I am jealous you have had the courage to fulfill your dreams of moving back to your native land. Yes, you are one in a million and things you do may not be possible in my situation and with other Filipinos. I have to work overseas to make my own destiny and escape the poverty I had experienced in my entire life. I have relatives who depended on my family and therefore it would be very hard for us to turn our back from our current financial source here in the US. For that I salute you, for being brave enough to forget what most of us here can get. You are very lucky to posses so many talents you can take with you wherever you go. I wish you all the best and hope you will stay humble as you are now and that you will always remain a true Filipino - in words, in action, and in spirit.

RIO CORTEZ said...

BRAVO !!! Time is all you got in your hands and you are using it wisely my friend. You posses all that is dear to a person; youth, health, intelligence, freedom, and all the time in the world.

I could only wish I have your luxury of time and freedom of responsibilities. A lot of our fellow Filipinos would like to have the same opportunity for adventure as you have. Unfortunately, I and most of our fellow Filipinos living and working overseas bear the responsibility of providing for our families back home. We cannot take off to a prolonged adventure to explore the beauty of our own motherland. We have loved ones that rely on us for support, my father passed away when I was 14 years old and from that day on I bore on my shoulders the responsibility that was untimely passed upon me. I never had the chance to see what else is out there for my priorities had changed and were then set.

I never saw this responsibility as a burden though; neither have I let it hold me down. I was able to make it to California and busted my back with hard work. All that I had in me that kept me going and achieving my goals was the love of my family. No work was hard enough to stop me from conquering it. I roamed the streets of Orange County CA working under the scorching sun. I sacrificed going to college just so my siblings could attend and graduate college. But not being able to go to college was no excuse for me to not to learn what college students learn. I picked up technical books and studied them back and forth, if there was something I wanted to learn I would go to Barns and Nobles and read there as I could not afford to take the book home with me. Everything I wanted to learn I learned through self study and I must’ve done something right as I now lead the IS department in our company. I am already 30 years old now, so very far from the 14 year old boy who lost all his dreams of becoming a doctor but became so much more.

We take what life throws at us, we fall just so we can get up and fight another day. As the saying goes “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” I applaud you for following your dreams and living your life the way you do. You are living my dream and for that I am very happy for you my friend. I have also dealt with people who have tried to take me down and unfortunately, yes some were our fellow Filipinos. Another mentality that I consider a worthless Filipino trait is the “Padrino” mentality a system devoid of the dignity of diligence. In the states we consider them “Hook ups” one Filipino expects another to hook them up just because they are fellow Filipinos or just because they are family, friends or relatives. The unwillingness to work ones way up through honest and diligent effort is a poison in the Filipino system just because ones relative or acquaintance is the boss. Negativity will always be encountered in every aspect of life, it will always be present along with the positive great things, negativity brings balance and harmony to your purpose just like the yinyang. Don’t tell those who puts you down to stop writing you for in doing so they will just write you some more, tell them to bring it on. You don’t have to respond to them either, for trust me, their negativity is washed off by the beauty of your purpose. In the great scheme of things if your intention is for the greater good then it will surface and tower above that is crude and indecent.

I love the pictures you have taken of our homeland in fact I even use them as my desktop wallpaper. The landscape is still breathtaking and the serenity of the environment calms the soul and I find my self day dreaming and wondering instead of working. I have long yearned to see the wonders of our own motherland and perhaps someday I would, should life permits. I come home to visit my mother and siblings there in Angeles City every other year and each visit makes my departure a lot more difficult than the last. Sometimes I could almost come to the point where I never want to go back in the US, but again the future of my family still lies within the foreign opportunity. Perhaps someday, when my entire family is set I could revisit the long lost wonderland inside me, perhaps someday I would take that 14 year old boy by his hand and start a journey to rekindle the dormant amber of our adventure. Perhaps … but until then if you don’t mind I will just share with your adventures of our beautiful native land, the Pearl of the Orient. Thank you very much brother.

Sincerely yours my friend;

Rio Cortez

raffhy said...

Hey man,
im just a quite reader of your blog.. but i felt oblige at this moment to post a comment..just continue what your a lot people say you cannot please all those people..@ tama ka INGGIT lng cla tol...just continue david i like your blog.interesting..godspeed & goodluck..


Von Gerald Azagra said...

Hi David,
I'm a fan of yours and im reading this blogs long time ago, after watching you in nagmamahal kapamilya. Well, i hope this is a start of a good friendship. Anyway, im getting marry and i am thinking to get you as one of my it Ok to you? Well, malayo pa naman wedding year..May 5,2006 but now preparing the list for our invitation program. Please let me know, i will take care of everything.

regards and God bless you bro.



Anonymous said...


haay. that's right. you can't please everybody. ang mahirap kasi sa ibang tao, nanghuhusga khit hindi naman nila tlga alam ang katotohan. :) keep it up david. super idol kita. ;) sguro onti nalang tlga ang mga mabubuting tao sa mundong katulad mo. :D

dante. :D

Anonymous said...

Hei there David!

Hat's off for you! Just keep on goin' man because you propell other lives too. More power!


Anonymous said...

shu... for a second there I thought you would say that you're giving up. You made me nervious there.... Anyway first I want you to know that you do really influence a lot of people but I think it is up to them if you would be a bad or good influence. I mean everyone got a mind of there own. I would also like to thank you for influencing me, in a lot of ways.

As for those who critize you. LISTEN UP IF YOU DON'T WANT WHAT THIS MAN IS WRITING ABOUT THEN DON'T READ IT NOBODYS FORCING YOU. Go own with your lives. You're the kind of people who doesn't have alife of there own.....

angel said...

hi, david...

i am always reading your blog entries. and basing on my uncontested opinion, you never failed to awe me with such remarkable and rational generalizations.

i was one like you. so ideal, so secured. but with what was happening around me, the pressures, the external conditions, and other negative affecting aspects, i lost my idealism...

i see a fulfillment in you. i see the materialization of what i cannot do. and i thank you for that.

in response to the people who pull you down, it is as expected. for they do not have the courage to be someone like you, they resort to assassinating your character. i pity them for they do not understand the meaning of these things that you are doing. i also pity them for they alone are not aware of what they are saying. so, i all i can say is that ignore them. take them out of the system for they cannot do any good to you.

the thoughts that you realized about people, things, and life in general are the most sought-after lessons of existence. i can also consider them as the greatest lessons in life. thus, i persuade you to continue.

if you have a spare time, i will appreciate if you will try to send me a brief a message.

again, my best wishes! i pray that you will have all the things you deserve. may you be happy in the journey you chose to take.


Anonymous said...

i agree... don't listen to those who don't do anything but give destructive criticism.. i personally think that you are an exceptional individual for what you are doing...

Noli me Tangere e?...hhhmmm.. I see you as Ibarra...capable of living in Europe,he was... but decided to come home to face whatever it is he had to... GODSPEED!

Anonymous said...

you are one amazing guy. i need to close this window soon, 'cause every picture I see and every article I read make me fall so much for you. my god, i don't even know you.

take care, you crazy yet so lovely boy you. i pray you find whatever you're looking for with this journey - may it be enlightenment, humility, whatever (but i'm sure they'd be good to your soul).

and yes...i do love you now.

Anonymous said...

sinusubaybayan ko ang blog mo coz it makes me proud to be a filipino. i was fortunate that i have traveled the philippines and the world; and one thing i've noticed about pinoy attitude is masyadong nagmamagaling (in a negative sense). it is a sickness that's just hard to cure. if someone like you loses faith with filipinos. it makes me seriously worried about filipino's future.

menchu said...

Hello David,

Just continue of what you are doing...don't mind those people who wanted to put you down.


omerson said...

wow ang galing mo talaga magsulat. tama lang yan wag ka paapekto sa mga taong walang magawa sa buhay. i agree sa lahat lahat ng sinabi mo, basta pagpatuloy u lang ung ginagawa mo. basta wala kang taong inagrabyado. god bless po

Anonymous said...

i admire the way you accept critisicm. nakakahiya na talaga ang mga pinoy dahil kapwa nila pinoy kina iinggitan pa nila. grabe na talaga ang pinoy. mabuti nga yan sa mga ingitera't inggiterong pinoy dahil nakahanap na sila ng katapat nila. masama ba kung ang gusto mo lamang tumulong? kaya naghihirap nang naghihirap ang pilipinas dahil tayo-tayo rin lamang ang nagkakainggitan. i like the way coconuter answered those inggiteros of the philippines. hope it will serve as an eye opener to everyone. instead of putting others down why not just help them? and we know that it's for a good cause... god bless coconuter... continue to inspire everybody all over the world.

bonggit!!! said...

Well David... you can not please everybody... have a great day david......... and relax ok... these people are vexations to ones spirit....

Mabuhay ka!

Dennis said...

Hi David,

good day. remember that we can not please everybody. in every action that we make there will a good and bad comments that the people around us will give. as long as you know that you are doing the right thing ang it makes you happy, then don't mind what they say. i know some comments are very degrading, use these as an inspirations to do better.

good luck and continue to inspire us more.

s_w_i_n said...

hi David,

keep posting.
don't let the negative comments put you down, rather continue doing what you truly believe in.
you have achieved what most can only dream of.
God bless and good luck...

REGGIE said...


matagal ko nang visit itong blog mo your still in US ng mabasa ko to . then di matatapos ang araw na di ko tingnan kung may update kana. sorry di ako magaling mag english , nuon ko pa sinasabi sa mga relatives at friends ko ung blog mo..
nwei keep it up then maybe u can make a youtube ng kapamilya coconuter documentary nila..


reggie from qatar

Prometheus said...

G'day, Mate.

Prometheus here from the Land Down Under.

First of, I would just like to thank you for sharing your hilarious Catharsis video. I stumbled upon it while doing a geneology search of my filipino(or is it Filipina?) mother bloodline and, one of the sites I visited had a direct link of your vid. I was totally thrown off track from my research and ended spending my time reading your Blog. *sigh* human curiosity can sometime get the best of us. Well, at least to me anyway. :)

I just wanted to let you know that I admire your courage and your head strong approach in insearch for that last missing puzzle in your life. With such sacrifice comes with great reward.

No one else here(including myself) have the right to criticise you or anyone for that matter without knowing the true David Eric Proach. All I can say is that, those that had, are individuals that lacks the imagination to drive theirselves to achieve their very own goals in life. Seeing someone who bested them (which you did in this case) can do or say nothing more but show their jealousy. In a way, and, as much as it pains me to say this, we can't blame them. It is "Human Nature". All you can really do is ignore them. Besides, in the end of it all. You have a cleaner conscience than they do.

As for the Middle-East issue. Good to see I am not alone. You and I are on the same wavelenght. I have been banned in a lot of political discussions due to my similar views to your statement. Been branded as a moslem and palestinian sympathiser.

Anyway, good luck in your endeavour. The missing puzzle in your life is out there somewhere.

Also, regards to your Goddess ;)


Anonymous said...

kuya ur da best!! i hope you could teach me also. . .heheheheheheh. may god give u more strength and endurance to do all the things that u want in order to fill the emptiness in u. . God bless and take care!!

Anonymous said...

I admire your deeds, very inspiring. Keep away from the antagonists, develop relationship from people who are vexations to your spirit. You have such a great attitude and it's kinda contagious. Keep it paying forward.

Anonymous said...

If there is one bad thing you cause me, it is the fact that you made me not work for a day and at this time, 3 30 am, i am still awake, and had just finished all of your entries/blogs.

The reason:

I just found out about your blogspot today and read everything the whole day.

You are an amazing guy who believes in dreams and meanings in a time when practicalityand existential vacuity are the usual norms.

Mark Twain begins his Tale of Two Cities with these words:
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

Fly on the wings of your happiness, all the best, God bless, and thank you for this immensed and intensed inspiration you cause my life.

After reading all of your blogs, I can say it is good to be alive, and it feels good to be human.

Keep on touching people's lives. Keep the blogs coming.


RT said...

lol gosh david, you're blog is so entertaining. i havent been off your site since i first came here. i decided to read from the very beginning. every word in this blog post is so true. i feel u dawg lol. i believe on crab mentality and how the parents' upbringing influence the child's character and behavior..and how filipino children raised in phils are more disciplined and stuff..i was thinking i'd raise my children in phils then move back to america before they start puberty lol but then i thought i dont want them to miss philippines like i do..

Anonymous said...

hi david,people have different attitude and character with each other some are harmless and some are harmful just like adventures kaya mag ingat ka lagi...



I thought I have read every post on your blog, then I came across reading the "Aftermath" post and realized you've already been "hit hard" by those who were envious and jealous of who you are and your talents. After our phone conversation, I thought "Filipino cultural crab mentality" was a new concept to you. Sorry, I was wrong. There are "bad apples" where ever in the world you go. Cherish what is good and excellent. Surround yourself with good, sincere and honest people, they are around. When I see you in November, I'd like to continue our discussion on ideas about how to grow your "brainchild" and build it to become an international venture indeed-to be based in the USA! I know you have already forgiven those "bad apples".When you get such vicious attacks again, think of what people did to Jesus Christ during his time. He had the purest, noble an divine motive, yet they nailed him on the cross! Our persecution in this world is nothing compared to His. Be of good cheer, you are not alone! I am certain you will achieve your dream! You can count on me to be on your side all the way!

Take care,
Kuya Willy
Mckinney-Dallas, Texas

Phoenix said...

Heck, even Galileo had critics. Great thinkers, artists, and musicians have been maligned and defamed- but real talent and spirit will always rise above.

I've had my fair share of trolls, but I just laugh it off. I love what I do, and some people do appreciate it. So why let a few jealous queens (in my case) ruin my day?

One would be a fool to let those critics affect them.

Wenjo said...

Hey David,

Although you posted this article a year ago, hope you still get to read my comment. I only learnt of you a few days ago when I came across your Nagmamahal Kapamilya in YouTube. The past days, I've been reading your previous entries, and boy, you are an intelligent young man! You remind me of the novel "The Monk who sold his Ferrari" by Robin S. Hope you get to read, if you haven't read it yet. :-) It's an amazing book and is one of my favorites.

Anyway, getting back on my comment on this article, I just hope you won't be held back from continuing on with the journey that you have already started (whether it is in the Phil., or any other country). People will always have their comments. No matter how brilliant and intelligent a person is, not all people can be pleased especially those who are envious.

Just do whatever you think is right. There'll always be people who will put you down no matter how great your achievements are.

Although you already have your plans of going back to the US., I hope that you'll continue to share your journey with us. Remember, "where your treasure is, that's where your heart will be".. and this is what will bring fulfilling and true happiness! Do whatever that makes you happy bro!


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