Saturday, December 30, 2006

Maltuzi Holdings

A few days ago, just out of curiosity, I checked to see how much it would cost exactly to register, as I hear that it only costs a few bucks. And to my surprise, it had already been registered by a certain company known as Maltuzi Holdings. This was the exact information:

Name: Admin -
Organization: Maltuzi Holdings
Address: 800 West El Camino Real Suite 180
City, Province, Post Code: Mountain View, CA, 94040
Country: US
Phone: 650-814-6730

Upon discovering this, I already knew that I would have to purchase it from them for a much larger amount of money if I really wanted the domain name. I searched the net regarding Maltuzi Holdings and found out that a lot of other people and businesses were in the same situation. Apparently Maltuzi Holdings and a number of other companies do this at a massive scale. Scroll down the data to see the top most active name servers with NEW and DELETED domains and you will see that Maltuzi leads the charts by a very wide margin. This mass domain name registration that Maltuzi and other companies perform also has other names such as domain squatting, cyber squatting, and typo squatting. Basically, they perform detailed monitoring of domain name queries, and then they purchase domain names that closely resemble real ones if they determine that they can make a profit from doing so. In many cases, they'll register the domain name for only a couple or few bucks and then sell it for thousands or more. And I've read that if you try contacting them, you will either not get through or they will beat around the bush. In order to regain your intellectual property, you will either have to purchase it from them for a much larger price or file suit against them. Either way, you're going to have to spend a lot of money.

"Typosquatting is a term used to describe the practice of registering domains that closely resemble legitimate domains with the intention of using them to attract traffic that inadvertently mistype the legitimate domain’s address.Typosquatters use these domains to direct traffic to their own advertising sites to generate profit from click-through advertising, made possible by sites like Google. Often these click-though advertisement websites promote competing companies and products. While this is not an illegal practice it has become a growing concern for legitimate site owners and is considered by many as unethical and misleading. Where a legitimate credit union website may be the typosquatter may register (missing the “i” in union) or"

Here's another example of Maltuzi in action:

The Trenton Duckett case in Florida - "Trenton is a 2 yr. old boy who his mother claimed was taken from his bedroom while she and some friends watched a movie. About a week and a half after he went missing, his 21-yr. old mother, who is now the prime suspect, killed herself in her grandparents home. She was uncooperative with police, left vague notes, refused a polygraph and had other odd or suspect behaviors. They still have not found Trenton."

If you visit, you'lI see that it's full of advertisement links. Here's an excerpt of a reader's reaction:

" was taken by Maltuzi Holdings on September 9, the day AFTER the mother killed herself. In short, (and in my opinion) these people are scum. What's even a little bit worse (if it can get worse) is that when you go TO it comes up with all of these links for things like real estate, mortgages, airline tickets and other things people shop for. Well, these losers have it so that those links come up with the domain name inserted in them. For instance, if you were looking for shoes, it would say Maltuzi Holdings has shoes! So, you guessed it, it says things like 'Maltuzi Holdings has Trenton' and 'Looking for Trenton?' Scum. Absolute scum."

Now read how these mass domain registrants / domain squatters back their doings:

"Executives at these firms point out that what they're doing is legal and, in some cases, they can even provide a service. For example, if a Web surfer mistypes a Web address and lands on one of their sites, they can have an ad that redirects the surfer to the proper site. T. Salonen, manager of Mountain View (Calif.)-based Maltuzi, says his company is a 'bulk registrant' of domain names, but says there's nothing wrong with that. 'We are actively buying domain names based on a variety of criteria,' he writes in an e-mail interview. 'We…purchase those domain names which have certain traffic levels or pay-per-click viability and return those which do not meet those and other criteria.'

Critics say some of these firms engage in what's called 'kiting,' or registering a domain name, returning it within five days, then quickly grabbing it again, without ever paying for it. Mark Monitor, a San Francisco-based online corporate identity management and protection firm, contends that companies like Wang Lee Domains engage in the practice. Wang Lee of Wang Lee Domains says that his company does register domains en masse, but insists that only rarely does his company 'fail to verify whether a domain was registered before.' Furthermore, 'We consider the expression domain 'kiting' derogatory,' says Lee."

When I checked to see when they acquired, I discovered that they registered it the day after (Oct. 22, 2006) ABS-CBN's Nagmamahal Kapamilya televised airing. I also noted that they took as well. But this one they acquired on Dec. 19, 2006. I'm not quite sure what the significance of that date was as I only made a regular post ("Hidden in the Hills"). However, I found that they relinquished when I checked back a couple of days later. As of this post, they still own and it's full of advertisement links like David Photos, Diary of David, Davidcoconuterpoarch, Coconuter, David Poarch, South Beach Hotels, Davidpoarch, Coconut, and others in hopes of stealing traffic for people who type certain keyword queries and also those who go directly to As for me, I'm irritated about it since "Coconuter" is my intellectual property. But I'm not going to waste any time negotiating with them. I trust readers and readers-to-be will find their way to the real Coconuter site anyways. The same goes for others who have found themselves in the same situation; no need to purchase the well over-priced domain from Maltuzi or other domain squatters. Just purchase the domain name as soon as their purchase term expires, buy a different domain name that is similar to what you are looking for, use a free domain name service that offers URL redirection and forwarding service, or keep what you have now since your original content will always get readers and will come out on top.


chantal-denise said...

i hope they get busted :| hey don't fret, is fine :P

Pinay New Yorker said...

David, you'd be surprised at how domain names are "stolen" from their rightful owners, but we can't really do anything about it. Would you believe the names of the 12 Philippine Idol finalists were already taken as soon as their names were announced? It would've cost you only $1.99 cheapest. Oh, well, we can't do anything about that. Have a happy new year, David.. good luck to you in the year ahead!

dianne roselle said...

kakainis un ah.. ano kayang pedeng gawin para matigil na ung ganon??? di tama un ah..

lateralus said...

oh man! That just sucks. I was all set to buy a domain but GoDaddy just got all the domains with virtually all the usual extensions.

Hector Minoza said...

ma-karma sana ang gumagawa ng panlalamang sa kapwa - just keep up the good work pare ko.

Anonymous said...

Those scumbags!!! Nah just kidding, well as you said what they do is not really illegal but rather they are trying to decieve people. Well you know what they say.. " kung anong itinanim ay sya ding aanihin".. Don't worry your supporters won't be decieve by those people..

Oh Im still waiting for your reply on my mail.. Hope to get it soon... Thanks

Anonymous said...

just leave it kuya.God knows kung ano ang nararapat sa mga taong ganyan.just keep yup the good work kuya.


VinVin (^_^) said...

hey, i studied some law in my sophomore year in college. but i'm not that much good at it. i'm a legal management student btw. hehe. anyhow, as far as i could remember, you could still get even though maltuzi has it registered. you just need to prove that you've been using such trademark or tradename way long before maltuzi has it registered. but yeah, this will cost you a lot of pesos. (^_^)

anyhow again, why not try or or is so Filipino for me. (^_^)

Jim said...

It gets worse ... I just tried to register a domain with This was on the 2nd Jan 2007. Registerfly somehow messed up and the domain wasn't correctly registered (although of course they took the money).
They were a bit shifty when I asked them what was happening, but they told me to wait.
Lo and behold, on the 4th Jan, Maltuzi registered the domain and pointed it at their search page. We're now trying to get the money back from Registerfly.

Now the domain we were trying to register is not one which would have naturally occurred to anyone (, and so I have to conclude that they have some sort of inside track into the registration process, which means they can steal domains in the process of being registered.

Somewhat irritating.

get back at em said...

Hey man,

I dunno much about your blog, but I searched about maltuzi because they stole the domain name for my company as well. Anyway, I registered to get back at them. Let's see how they respond to their own medecine!

a-life said...

This is disheartening. Let's say that it isn't illegal, but it's sick to use other people's intellectual right , as you said, and other human interest stories/events as a source of gain or profit by the few others.

This practice so evil and deceitful. I hope Karma will get them one day.

You are right, David. Your loyal fans and supporters will find their way to the legitimate and worthwhile stuff that you share in the internet. You did a very noble job. Congratualtions and may you continually be blessed.

You take care always, and more power. said...

This is pretty disappointing to hear, but be happy to know that your site will always inspire more visitors than their stolen domain name.

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