Monday, December 11, 2006


This natural waterspout or "bukal" is about 7 or so kilometers away from where I reside. I take several empty jugs and bottles with me every time I visit it in order to store about two and a half weeks supply of water. Its water comes from a natural aquifer from the mountains. I've learned that the land that its on is owned by an American and that the water has been tested by a health institution from Manila and has labeled it as safe for drinking. I've also heard that many people have been wanting to purchase the land from him, but he refuses to sell it. And he also allows the locals to freely fetch water from the spout.

The water from this spout is a natural mineral water, unlike many of the bottled water that is bought from the store. Many of the locals here refer to any kind of bottled water as mineral. However, water can only be labeled as mineral if it meets certain standards of trace mineral content. And if it does, then it is called mineral water, though not necessarily natural mineral water. A lot of the bottled water that is bought from stores and those water posts where they sell water in those big blue jugs are actually either purified or distilled water. Purified water is water that has undergone a number of filtration processes, and distilled water is water that has undergone similar filtration processes and also has been vaporized. Both types have had their mineral content removed.

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hey how much are you selling the coconuter tshirts? the one with the coconut tree pic?

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The essence of Christmas is giving, forgiving and loving. The bible says "Love your neighbor as you love yourself" meaning whoever you are you must be loved and love others. I hope this is everybody's business so that this world will be filled with love and peace. This is the time of self retrospection if we done good or bad this year and if bad definitely need some improvement this our chance to improve it. Character rejuvenation must be our gift to ourself for this yuletide season, I believe there is no more than that.

'Life is beautiful
No matter what they say
words can't bring us down..oohhh
Life is'

To all the commentators of this blog. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all of you.(:


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It's nice for you to find such places. I never knew those kind of places here in the philippines exist. Well good luck to your journey.

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good morning!!!

simbang gabi na! try ko mabuo pra daw matupad yung wish....
try mrin poh, only if your a catholic.. =)
ask ko lang, ilang taon kna?
hehe.. cge, be safe nlang sa trip mo...

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