Thursday, November 08, 2007

Philippines' Earliest History

Fossil remains of long-extinct mammals, like the elephants, and a species of the rhinoceros, along with man-made stone tools found in Salona, Cagayan attest to the fact that man had settled in the Philippines as early as 150,000 years ago.

They are believe to have crossed long-gone land bridges from Mainland China down to Taiwan and Luzon.

The flake tools with the fossils indicate that these early men were hunters.

There are scholars who date the coming of people of the Philippines as early as two million years ago. They came through a series of waves of migration, as documented by folk history, like the Maragtas.

The first exact date we have in Philippines history is 982 A.D. for it was then that an Arab ship brought a cargo of goods to Canton from "MA-I' (Mindoro). However, long before this, the waves of migrating people from Sumatra, Java, Borneo had been going on.

After the Negritos had been driven to the mountains or absorbed, the new inhabitants became more and more a people of one race. From that time on until the arrival of the Spaniards, the Filipinos were influenced by the great empires of the East.

For the time, the Islands or some parts of them gave allegiance to an empire of India which sent out its agent from Borneo. Later,a Javanese empire got control of some parts. Then the Philippines paid some recognition to the power of the Chinese Empire. These contact with India, China, Borneo and Java all brought to the country a higher degree of culture and civilization.

By 1500, the Filipinos had a written language, books, poetry, music, a system of law, religion, and a racial pride that remained unchanged by conquest.

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