Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Philippines, a Land of Wonder and Beauty

God has blessed our country with so many beautiful things that she has been called “Pearl of the Orient.” Her golden sunrise and beautiful sunset are a joy to behold.

The blue skies, the white beaches and sparkling seas, the green valleys and tall mountains are wonders we can be proud of. Also among these gifts and wonders are the Hundred Islands in Lingayen Gulf, the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” the Ifugao rice terraces of the Mountain Province, the glistening Crystal Caves of Baguio, the underground river of Palawan, the perfect cone Mayon Volcano of Albay.

Other beauty spots follow: Pagudpod, a picturesque village in Ilocos, has numerous coves and beaches that beckon to swimmers. Mount Pulog is a perfect place for recreation. Mount Apo in Mindanao, rising to a height of 9,600 feet, is the Philippines’ highest elevation.

Rivers run the gamut of the archipelago, providing channels fob navigation and fishing ground for abundant fresh-water fish. Waterfalls, aside from being refreshing sights, are also important sources of hydro-electric power.

Towards summer,the Chocolate Hills of Bohol shed of rainy season's cover of green to take on a chocolate brown color. Taal Volcano, the world's lowest crater, is a phenomenon that could be described as "a crater within a crater, a lake within a lake."

White sand beaches as the one in Puerto Galera, Mindoro, are dominant features of the Philippines coastline. Pagsanjan in Laguna boasts of eleven falls, the largest and most spectacular of which may be approached through an exhilarating boat journey up the gorge.

San Juanico Bridge linking Leyte and Samar is, at 2,162 kilometers the longest bridge in the far East. Burnham Park in Baguio, with its large grounds shaded walks and cool lagoon, is an ideal place for promenaders, horse riders and boaters,

Cannons in repose at Corregidor Island remember the heroes who had given thier lives in a glorious war effort. The Kalantiaw Shrine in Batan, Aklan, is a national shrine to honor one of the country's greatest lawmakers.

The Central Plain of Luzon, the largest single plain area of the country, is a most important area for it is the top rice-producing region of the whole country.

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