Thursday, December 13, 2007

Arroyo Most Corrupt & Manila Peninsula Mutiny

"President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is considered the most corrupt Philippine leader in history, more than Ferdinand Marcos and Joseph Estrada, who were ousted from office..."

The poll by Pulse Asia Inc showed the most corrupt Philippine presidents by the following percentages (based on 1,200 respondents surveyed). Results nationwide:

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo - 42 percent
Ferdinand Marcos - 35 percent
Joseph Estrada - 16 percent
Fidel Ramos - 5 percent
Corazon Aquino - 1 percent

Perhaps there was a reason after all for Trillanes' second coup attempt at the Manila Peninsula Hotel. Many people criticize Trillanes', Lim's, and the Magdalo soldiers' move, but who could blame them? Call them narcissistic or childish, but frustration and desperation culminating in an uprising just seems inevitable after a number of failed impeachment attempts and continuous allegations of corruption and cheating.

Her supporters dominate the House of Representatives, where any move to impeach her must begin, and she is backed by the military. "If she can't be removed from office utilizing governmental means, then it has to be done some other way," seems to have been Trillanes' logic. And in Trillanes' and the Magdalo's case, the attempt was by armed protest. Unfortunately though, it failed. But on the bright side, there was no bloodshed.

It seems the biggest losers are the businesses in that area of Makati, and perhaps Ayala in particular since they own the site of of Trillanes' first coup attempt and are also already suffering from the Glorietta 2 explosion.

Reuters: Arroyo "most corrupt" Philippine leader: poll
Inquirer: Trillanes, Lim arrested; Makati standoff ends
Wikipedia: Manila Peninsula Rebellion / Mutiny


Anonymous said...

I don't believe she's the most corrupt unless if its proven like Marcos and Estrada. Accusations are all hearsay.

Anonymous said...

World's Top 12 Most Corrupt Leaders:

Top 1 Suharto (Indonesia)
Top 2 Marcos $5-10 billion
Top 12 Estrada $78-80 million

- TFC Balitang America 4/3/08

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