Sunday, March 16, 2008

Manny Pacquiao & Philippines Victorious!

Although not being able to see the fight on pay-per-view television, I was able to read about the Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez rematch online. Apparently it was a close fight (coming down to a difference of one point on one judge's scorecard), but the outcome was crystal clear nonetheless as Pacquiao rejoiced in triumph after being declared the new Super Featherweight Champion after edging out Marquez through 12 rounds in the rematch. But that comes short of painting the whole picture.

This is one of the brief moments in Philippine history where our torn and frayed nation comes together as one. This is a time when all of us around the world instinctively unite and perhaps briefly sense that no matter how tattered the Philippines may be, we are still bound together as Filipinos.

Indeed, what a glorious occasion this is. Along with seeing Manny raised in victory, I felt the spirits of Filipinos around the world being lifted with him. And to think that only one man prompted all this, it truly is amazing.

Manny will continue to get his people's praise as he deserves. Festivities will ensue upon his homecoming, and everyone will have a spring in their step. If only the feeling lasted, right? But soon the ecstasy will fade. And even though the thrill subsides, we need not worry because it seems that during these times the Philippines is in need of more Filipino "heroes," and so the feeling will reappear once again with another Pacquiao fight or with someone else who wins the heart of the nation.

And even as the pace and nature of each Filipino's life returns and as paths diverge once more, our torn and frayed Philippines will still be bound by that single string--our pride of being Filipino.


yelle said...

Caught the bout via pay-per-view yesterday and it was brilliant. Kudos to both Pacman and Marquez for living up to the hype. Agree with what you said, for some reason, you can't help but feel a bit patriotic watching him, each punch seemingly representing so much more than what it actually is.

I guess I just cant see the country as 'torn and frayed'- call it my rose tainted glasses but i've nothing but optimism about home. It's not perfect- pretty rough around the edges anyone would admit but at the end of the day, my opinion is everyone, everywhere is living life exactly the way they want it. No matter how much it doesn't "look" that way. Negative situations are always temporary and transient, regardless of where you live or who you are.

Anonymous said...

Yes; and another filipino sports great: Efren "The Magician" Reyes- among the handful of filipino billiards world champions.

And yes, corruption at the top is what's degrading our country. Mga matakaw at nagnanakaw! :) It's unfortunate.

My guess is we need a modern-day Jose Rizal to unify us once more.

Anonymous said...

As much as I love my boy the Pacman, I have to be fair in my own judgement of the fight. The KD on 3rd Round may have given Manny the win by a point. However, I believe it is still a draw. I'm a proud Pinoy and again I am a very proud supporter of Manny but let's give fairness where fairness is due. It should have been a draw and a rematch should be scheduled. The reason Manny took this fight is to show that he was the clear winner of the last fight and to me he was the clear winner of the first fight. But with the second fight I must say it should have been a draw. Pacman has the punching power but Marquez has the accuracy of an assasin. When he saw that cut on Manny's eye his punches were always on the mark Napupurkirya talaga yung sugat ni Manny. And to my disappointment Manny was backing away on every punch Marquez gave him and he used his cut as an excuse. However, notice that Marquez had the same cut if not a deeper one but everytime Manny came at him he charged back and threw more punches. Marquez's cut was bleeding as much as Manny's was and yet Marquez's punch were still coming through and the Pacman couldn't damage Marquez much further while Marquez was also fighting blind. In terms of heart I'll go for Marquez he's got lots of it. In terms of Power, Pacman no contest. I think Manny got a little too confident with his "Tireless Training" he was too excited to test his skills. But Marquez proved to be tougher this time around. I say it's a Draw and I think one last fight should show us the clear winner. One point doesn't mean much it could've easily been a favoritism point. I don't think Manny should be satisfied with a point. But all in all I am very proud of our fighter but again let's be fair to our brothers the Mexicans for they are like us struggling in their own third world country.

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