Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center

A couple of weeks ago, Simon made a visit to the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center and shared his experience with me.

In Simon's words (which I've translated to English):

"This is my first time to go to this place, which is a set of parks and a zoo built by the late Benigno (Ninoy) Aquino, father of celebrity Kris Aquino.

If you want to get away from the pollution and congestion of the metropolis and you'd like to immerse yourself in tribal-like surroundings, then this is an ideal place because of the large trees, exotic animals, clean grounds, and fresh air.

I saw lovers dating and families gathering, having a reunion, and sharing foods while enjoying the place.

There are all sorts of different animals to be seen at the zoo, including the following:

The lawin or Brahminy Kite, which is easy to distinguish because of its white head and chest and its brown wings and back.

The agila or eagle was masked to sharpen its hearing senses and to make it rely less on its sight. According to the zoo volunteer, they also call it the "changing hulk" eagle because of the changing of its feathers every season. This bird of prey can be held; the same goes for the Brahminy Kite.

The kiaw or Philippine Talking Mynah (native to Palawan Island) has the ability to mimic any vocal sound, so there is a sign that states "Don't teach the animals bad or inappropriate words."

There are also parrots at the wildlife center, as well as doves, herons, peacocks, and many more.

There are pythons and different kinds of snakes, some of which were taken from barangays where various snakes have been captured. The wildlife center is where such wild animals are oftentimes surrendered.

The girls in the pictures are volunteers from De La Salle University. The work experience is part of their curriculum.

After roaming the place, I went back home. In a way, I appreciated it, but I would have been happier to see the animals in their own natural habitat and environment where they can be free to roam and fly."

Thanks for sharing your experience with us Simon, and I would also like to second your last sentence. Although I too appreciate the efforts wildlife organizations give in helping and caring for wild animals and endangered species, I would be prouder to see the public gain a sense of responsibility for their interactions with the environment, so wild animals wouldn't have to be cooped up for their own protection in the first place.


Anonymous said...

tnx 4 sharing!nice views and i love animals too..

Noi Ramirez said...

I have been to this park several times. Like you and Simon I too think that wild animals should be in their natural habitat.

Some if not all of the animals in these parks have very little or no habitat left at all. Also, some of these animals were "rescued" from individuals who think that having them is a status symbol thinking that they could domesticate them for their own pleasure.

Although I must add that some of them were also bred in captivity. This in my viewpoint is the only positive move I see. Breeding the animals in the hope of releasing them later in their natural habitat. But first, we must re-establish their habitat lest we risk having them recaptured by ignorant individuals for their own again and be seen being peddled in the lowlands.

Thank you David for allowing my comments to be posted in your blog. In passing, please allow me to invite you and your readers to see my post about my recent visit to the Manila Ocean Park. I'll be posting in a few days.

Anonymous said...

The most ideal place for wild animals is in their natural habitat. But with people's over population, their natural habitat has becoming more and more limited. Sometimes just like criminals, it is safer for them to stay in jail because chances of getting them killed outside of prison are greater than staying inside. I know it is not right but I would like to see them alive in the zoo than dead in the wild. I just hope those zoo owners and keepers will give them the environment to somewhat approximate their place in the jungles.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures.. San ito? Kasi parang ang laki ng lugar at ang sarap mag gala dyan kasama mga kaibigan at pamilya.

Maria said...

I really enjoyed reading yor blog... keep writing!

Anonymous said...

hi, i'm looking for places like this to go to, nakakasawa na kasi pag sa malls eh,too commercialized na, where in QC is this located? ΓΌ

Engr. Smon said...


This is located at Quezon City in front of Lung Center. If you are from Quiapo you will ride a jeep going S.M. fairview. Tell the driver Lung Center, when you are there across it,is the Ninoy Aquino Park and Wildlife Center.

Enjoy your visit!

Anonymous said...

hi. :) from what time po sila open? and alam nyo po ba contact number nila?

Anonymous said...

same question, till what time are they open?thanks.

Anonymous said...

how can i go there? please? im in taft avenue manila, thanks

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