Monday, April 21, 2008

Baguio's Burnham Park and Botanical Garden

This trip of Simon's reminds me of my visit to Baguio. But fortunately for Simon, he was able to do a little more sight-seeing than I was, since mine was just a one day, back and forth affair.

I applied for my 6 days vacation. Yes, I am finally off to a new rejuvenating journey, away from traffic of the metropolis, free from work-related stress and away from this typically busy yet (sometimes) boring city life. Instead of going to well known beaches in the Philippines as most used to go, I have decided to go in the “Summer Capital of the Philippines” Baguio.

This is my second time going Baguio, the first time was ten years ago. A little excited but sad because I went alone. As I stepped foot to Baguio I noticed that Baguio is more crowded and commercialized than the first time I came.

As the bus arrived at the terminal I quickly get my things and I went down the bus. I got a taxi and told the driver to drive me to the transient where I stayed for 4 days. Upon arrival I was welcomed by a military personnel who is in-charge of the transient and Jobert or Jumong a civilian employee, who is a care giver of the place. I showed my military I.D., as soon as they have seen it they let me in and gave a room for me. After bringing all my things inside I went out to have some conversation with Sir Pasqui and Jobert. After 30 minutes of talking. I told them that I wanted to stroll around the city proper. Without second thought Jumong volunteered himself to join me.

What I love in Baguio is the cold weather and the hospitable taxi drivers because they never ask you for an additional fare instead they will change you if you have a change even if only 50 centavos. Additionally I love those less expensive and fresh fruits and vegetables compared to Manila.

As usual we strolled around the S.M. baguio and ate one of the fast food chain because I got hungry from my trip. After eating we went to Burnham Park, the landmark of Baguio. We walked around the place, it is just an ordinary to me nothing special. As still have energy I told Jumong to bring me to Baguio Botanical Garden which most of the pictures was taken.

After we have taken pictures we were welcomed by these residents of the place to have a horse back riding, we decided to have a try for this my first time to ride. As we were heading to Mine’s View Park along the high-way, Jumong riding in the horse and his guide went before me. While the horse was running so fast, Jumong was unconsciously and unnoticeably that his things were falling down in the ground like his cellular phone, wallet, ATM and important identification cards from his pocket and I noticed nothing because it pitch dark now. I just noticed that those mangoes, strawberries and grapes we bought in the city proper were falling down. I shouted to get their attention and suddenly they stopped and that the time the he realized that his things were missing. We went back where we from to hopefully recover them but we recovered nothing only the key he use in his room. We reported the incident to the police station but unfortunately the police officer in-charge did nothing.

Jumong and I went back to transient without talking each other and we entered to our respective room low morale.

I empathize with Jumong and Simon, as I too have lost quite a few belongings in the Philippines (not including the numerous thefts), mostly from the rickety rides on tricycles and jeepneys. Like them, I was not able to recover most of the lost things, as I'm sure they were swiftly swiped away by others who happened to chance upon them.

Thanks again to Simon for sharing his story and pictures. And readers stay tuned for more of Simon's adventures in the Baguio area.


bertN said...

I hope Jumong was able to replace everything he lost without much trouble. Better still, I hope some kind-hearted and honest individual found and returned them to him. It is a pain in-the-you-know-where when you lose valuable stuff like that.

Ramny said...

Baguio is my hometown. It is beautiful. But almost twenty years ago, it was literally torn apart by an earthquake. I found a link of the way Baguio looked then:

Mark said...

Ang saya naman buhay mo kuya. You are doing adventures in life, at sa baguio pa. Saka you are a friendly person kasi you befriend people you met. Ingat po kayo lagi....

Travel Blog said...

The garden looks so peaceful and relaxing. i'll try to check it out when I make my trip to the PI.

Anonymous said...

HI.. am looking for a house to stay on April 1-3 .. 7 adults & 2 kids kami.. May i ask if pwede ba kami rent dyan kahit di kami military??? what is the contact numbers po?? pls. kindly text me @ 0922 942 7861.. i'm tere.. salamat po in advance!

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