Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sagada Cliffs and Rice Terraces

Simon's adventure in Mountain Province continues, this time along the cliffs and rice terraces of Sagada.

"I woke up early morning to hit the first hour trip going to Sagada. Somebody knocked at my door and I was surprised seeing Jumong all in gear with his bag pack. Despite the bad luck with his lost belongings, he was still enthusiastic to go with me. Without wasting time we went out and we rode in a taxi and told the driver to take us to Dangwa terminal.

The bus left Baguio at 6 a.m. While on the bus I could not help but look around satisfying my thirst for these views even they are shaded by this vast fog. The driver kept on driving so slowly to avoid accident. As the bus moved on slowly, soon light emerged to guide our way and have a better look at these cinematic views along the way.

From here, all I can see is the vast mountainous landscape with patches of farm terraces extending all the way to the horizon. So I decided to get pictures of these green mountains, white clouds, and wonderful landscapes while the bus is moving.

As my camera clicked and flashed, I could not help but be awed by our amazing adventure into a land that was both alien and beautiful to everyone of us. The view was truly breathtaking. The clouds on that clear day made the whole scene even more eye-catching.

While taking pictures I noticed that the highway was 40 curve, swerving road. One mistake of the driver the bus might fall into the cliff. One exciting part of the trip, the passengers are stopping the bus in an unknown place. You can not see houses around, when you look on one side of the bus you will see mountains with pine trees and in the other side you will see a cliff. It makes me think for a while…. seeing it from afar then I realized their houses are on the top of the mountain. What I like most you can see where the bus came from and where the bus is going, like a roller coaster road going round and round, up and down from one mountain to another.

Here is the most thrilling part of the trip, seeing the bus 1 foot or less away from the cliff. The initial reaction was my mouth wide open and my eyes are not blinking anymore. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the trip but not to Jumong because he slept most of the time during the trip."


Noi Ramirez said...

Beautiful pictures Simon.

Sayang. I could have been with you on this adventure had I not been sick during that time.

Well sa susunod na adventure na lang ulit kaibigan. (maybe on the next adventure my friend.)

bertN said...

Glad to know that Jumong did not lose his enthusiasm with his bad luck. Good for him! I hope you guys had a great time. Keep sharing with us your adventure or minor misadventure.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures and camera. What brand of camera do you use?

Ang galing kasi naisipan mo na kuhanan mo ng picture habang on the way to Sagada. At nagustuhan ko mga pictures. It seems you are enjoying life. Sana magawa ko rin yan habang nagwo work rin ako.

czar said...

I enjoy watching your pictures... The landscape, terraces with plants. Love them! Hope I can get there too. Keep up!

ac_8987 said...

Marami palang tinatagong kagandahan ang Pilipinas despite all the negative issues surrounding our country. Ngayon ko lang na-realize now that I'm living in Toronto, Canada. I hope to see this place when I go home.


Anonymous said...

Wala ako masabi. Masasabi ko lang maganda ang lugar, awesome place! Kaka inggit lang...

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