Monday, May 26, 2008

Bokong Falls

Another side-trip in Simon's adventure in Sagada was an evening visit to Bokong, or Small Falls.

We still have time to kick in another adventure. With our map in hand, we scoured for another adventure zone near from where we were. There were a lot of places to go but we decided to head for Bokong falls. It was getting dark but we still had spirit and energy to visit it.

Bokong falls, known as the Small Falls, is the more accessible of the two waterfalls in Sagada. It was easy to get to Bokong Falls. We were on paved road for most of the way and it was an easy 15 minute downhill stroll to get there. While walking towards the falls I saw an Igorot family digging and tilling the soil and a mother working in the field with her child on her back using a sling to carry her baby. What’s a family bonding anyway even a baby have expose from work. And I really appreciate it, from that exposure to work they possess an attitude of being a hardworking and excelling with tasks being entrusted to them. I watched and read in a television and newspaper that a lot of Igorots grow to be successful from the career they’ve choose because of their upbringings.

While nearing the falls I excitedly ran going down. I enjoyed the place as I took a bath to its natural made deep water pools. It's really refreshing because of the fresh and ice cold water; I swam and swam until I was satisfied. I remember, I was only five years old when I learned to swim like a dog, very achieving because I just did it on my own without anyone having taught me.

After bathing, I checked my watch and realized we needed to go back to the town proper. I prepared myself and things and asked Jumong to pack his things too. We checked in a hotel to stay for one night. We took a bath in the comfort room for we were dirty and sweaty from our adventures. After preparing ourselves, we decided to go to the nearby restaurant for we got hungry and needed to gain much energy from our life-threatening adventures of Sumaging Cave, Echo Valley, and Bokong Falls. We ordered some good food and while eating still had the hang over from our adventures because we kept on conversing about it, and suddenly saw Cez and Kris (from Sumaging Cave), so we ate together and shared our experiences with our adventures.

The best thing in life is when you are able to embrace the world, appreciate, enjoy, and indulge it. And my experiences with this place will always be in my heart. While on my bed I was beginning to be in love with the place because of its natural wonders, breath of fresh air, and the simplicity of the people.

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Medyo madilim mga pictures mo ngayon, compared sa sumaging cave. Nice adventures kasi sinulit ninyo pagpunta ninyo sa Sagada. More posts.

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