Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sumaging Cave

Here is another episode in Simon's adventure in Mountain Province--Sumaging Cave. And I realize why it is called "sumaging," with the patches of banana-like rock formations to be found inside the cave.

Our bus stopped just across the Municipal Hall of Sagada Poblacion and arrived at 12 pm. The Sagada Poblacion is the busiest part of the town. Shops, internet cafe’s and restaurants are all over the place. We went straight to the Sagada Municipal Hall Tourist Registration Center and had ourselves registered. Registration fee is P10.00, and is required for every tourist arriving in the town. They offer guides for the activities for reasonable standard rates posted on the registration center.

While looking for a tourist guide, we met Kris and Cez. We agreed to go Sumaging Cave which is the biggest cave in Sagada. We also agreed to join our forces and resources as to save money. While talking and getting to know each other, Kuya Eddie arrived and approached us as he will be our guide going to Sumaging Cave. We were brought by a van going to the adventure site; it is just a 5 minute ride.

We entered the cave and it was pitch dark inside and one kerosene lamp light which Kuya Eddie brought helped navigate our way going down. An additional challenge was the stones going down were slippery and the soil was sticky. As we went down my heart beated fast but my excitement overshadowed my fear. About 3/4 of the way through the cave, we were advised by Kuya Eddie to remove our sandals/slippers/shoes and go barefoot along the way so as to avoid slipping. We also changed our clothes so as to be comfortable for the next challenges.

Kuya Eddie kept on telling us that the challenges would get harder and harder. But we were determined to finish this adventure from start to end, at any way possible. While we went deeper into the cave we saw some shimmering streams with golden and silvery stalactite and stalagmite formations, like the King’s curtain, turtle, squash, rice terraces, teeth of the shark, brain of human being, and that nude photo of a man. This shot was not intentional; the reason why I got this is the water flowing down the stone. Honestly, I find it so cool and for art sake. I am privileged that I was the first person who was able to photograph this rock formation. Unknowingly, When Jumong viewed it in my camera, he noticed and told me about it and I was shocked at the same time amazed of this rock formation. It was dark inside and only one lamp light helped us to see what was inside. If you are not an artist you might be offended, otherwise, you will definitely appreciate it.

Moreover, we made all kinds of body twists, and maneuvered some difficult life-threatening stunts. There was a point where the only way out was to crawl down in a small hole. We slid, glided, leapt, crawled and ambled and toddled to crystal-clear and ice-cold pools. Part of the adventure was to soak our body in the ice cold water as we moved on and were able to see more wonderful rock formations. I asked Kuya Eddie if we cold drink the ice-cold water, and he replied quickly “NO!” because of the urine of the bats hanging around.

We also needed to use a rope just to get in other side, we have to be aware with extra care that we might fall and end up hugging the boulders with broken bones or worse. The last challenge is to go up using a rope. I enjoyed this last challenge as it needs body balance and stamina. While inside we enjoyed and savored every moment of the beauty of this one-of-a-kind cave; very unique and undeniably awesome!

When we reached the lower chamber of the Sumaging Cave, I felt proud as was Jumong, Kris and Cez for the journey we had made. Our bruises were the proofs of the intricate challenges we encountered inside that were not captured by our cameras, yet stayed in our memories. And my bruises are still in the process of healing. We were satisfied and every centavo we spent was paid off.


neochef said...

nice photos simon i really enjoyed it... i will definitely go there nxt time we go to baguio tnx for the information ha ...luv it....more pictures pa ha

Noi Ramirez said...


I regret I was not able to go and see this sight for myself. Waaaaaah! It seems like I really missed a lot eh Simon?

Grabe... Ang ganda ng pictures!

czar said...

Very wonderful place. Really undeniably awesome place. Love it. From your picture I felt I was there. You captured everything, the rock formations uniquely made. Thank you for sharing this to us.

Anonymous said...

Anung kaguluhan ito? Grabe ang ganda. 2 thumbs up! Salamat sa iyo.

mark said...

One of the best adventure of yours, hopefully. Love the pictures and your bruises will be a proof that you were there at sumaging cave. Take care always.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Simon for this post. I've realized that there are still beautiful places in the outskirt of mountain province. This will be a most sought place for me. I was excite seeing your pictures.

How much did you spent for all your travel there?

Anonymous said...

Did you go to Big Falls, Simon?
Some of my friends were dead tired after the climb back up when we took this trip a few years back.

Nom de Plume

Anonymous said...

I cant see the nude photo of a man?

Cocoy - LB said...

These are some, if not the best pictures, I love to see in this site. They are comparable to if not more beautiful than the Luray Caverns in the East Coast.
I would love to personally see this place in the future.
Congratulations to all for a job well done.

Engr. Simon said...

Yes, this my best adventure ever.


No, I was not able to go Bomok-ok falls or the Big Falls coz I ran out of time. That is why I have a reason to go back SAGADA soon to personally see the fall.

I just spent all in all almost 1,500 thousand.

fare (round trip)------440(bus)
food-------------------500(1 meal)
guide and van----------450(payment
for 1 person)

better get there in maximum of 4 and share expenses for the most adventure like the guide and van. When you get there 5 in the group a more expensive of guide and van.

1. bring extra money.
2. bring extra cloth.
3. bring cellphone.
4. do not bring heavy load like
bringing a lot of cloth stuff,
if you are all boys just bring 1
towel and share and whatnot.
5. bring flash light with you.
6. do not bring expensive gadget
stuff like laptop with you coz
it might lost, there are
available internet cafe' around.
7. bring your own camera, so that
you wont missed any pictures.
8. bring lot of batteries.
9. buy a map which you can buy in
the store around.
10.do not forget to smile all the

keep tuning to see more adventure.

Anonymous said...

nice pics and great place.. i hope i can go and visit sagada too.. and ill take ur pieces of advice if we go there..

NETworker said...

@anonymous: please read my comment above.. tips and advices of going to sagada.

if i have a chance to go there, first stop is to eat a fresh yogurt milk. healthy yogurt.. eat fresh vegetables and sagada oranges.

tere said...

We went to this cave in 2010.  We had so much fun! My daughter swam in the pool down there...very refreshing...I guess the best way to enjoy this cave is to wear a swim suit (for females) and swimming trunks for males...cuz you would want to lay down and let the water run over you! Invest in a really good pair of swimming shoes...it's very slippery there.

Corpuzj75 said...

what they called to this rock?? the one like a mushroom'?

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