Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Philippine Post Office Building at Plaza Lawton

A couple of months ago Simon visited Liwasang Bonifacio, formerly Plaza Lawton, right in front of the new main national Philippine Post Office building in Metro Manila.

As part of being in the Philippine Army, I am told by Simon that a soldier is expected to take part in occasional blood donations. So, Simon and his fellow military comrades headed over to a clinic at Plaza Lawton to volunteer as blood donors.

I, too, remember donating blood not very long ago for Triton, although his doctors never game him the chance to use it. I am not a fan of seeing my blood drawn from me, but when someone is in need, especially one's own child or family member, all personal wants and preferences are instantly overwritten by the dire need to save a life and from the pain of seeing one's own flesh and blood dwindling away. I only wish I also had the boldness to have either forced the doctors to give him breast milk or to have taken him away from the hospital immediately after birth to give him the chance in life he never had.

The following photos are of Simon's trip to Lawton Plaza. I like the photographs of the post office building in particular -- clear, crisp shots.


Ayan said...

nice shot of the post office. :) when was this?

Noi Ramirez said...

Ah yes... The Post office building in Manila.

I was just here last week after a meeting I attended at the City Hall of Manila. This place has lots of good and quite scary memories for me.

One of the events I remember was right there in front of the old Liwasan where I experienced being dosed with water from fire hoses during my student days. I was there at that time not to actually take part in that rally but to fetch a friend who went and was asked by his mother to get him lest he be arrested. My friend used to be one of the leaders of NUSP (National Union of Student's of the Philippines) back then.

We ran towards the City Hall which is not a short jog avoiding the larger crowds so as not to attract attention. Then we headed off to Taft Avenue and rode the LRT at the Central Station dripping wet.

Ah those were the days.

Great pics Simon.

marin said...

Yup, very nice pics.
You have a great blog, just keep the level you have now!

almichael said...

i admire you for being proud of our country despite all negativities.. anyway, i just wanna share this. Im sure this will make you proud-er [if there's such a word : ) ]..

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