Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sagada Countryside

This trip through the outskirts of Mountain Province culminates Simon's wondrous adventures through Baguio and Sagada. Let us join him as he concludes his time in another beautiful area of the Philippines.

"Sagada is a town out of 10 municipalities. Its lofty little town, dirt-free air, and sights of towering pine trees, for every visitor, represents an ambiance of tranquility and peaceful life. There are no televisions, phone lines and aggressive merchants that are yet invading the quiet neighborhood of Sagada.

Sagada may be far from being invaded by lowland merchants, however, food and relevant needs are bountiful. Green products are good, fresh, juicy and green. There is a Sagada church named St Mary’s church as their landmark, just 20 meters away from the church is the Saint Mary’s School for girls and plenty of rice terraces which made me awed of this wonderful art work.

At nine in the evening people are sent home to follow the curfew carried out by local authorities. Quite negative if done in the frantic metropolis but for Sagadans, this system helps preserve their town’s organized life and to avoid strangers go beyond their traditional culture.

We slept at 10 pm for we needed to go back to Baguio early. We woke up at 4 am and while waiting for the bus to leave, we went down to the hotel in their small restaurant to eat our breakfast. I ordered a brewed coffee and bread; I loved the way the coffee was brewed. And I ate a Sagada orange which we bought for only 10 pesos; so cheap, but a lot of vitamins it can give to our body. This orange is very different from the orange we are buying in Manila, this orange is bigger, tastier and juicier. This Sagada orange is also available in Baguio for 30 pesos more expensive than in Sagada.

We left Sagada at 5 am. While the bus was moving I had this heartache to leave the place, and I promised to myself to go back to spend more time and know more of the beauty and natural wonders of Sagada. My mind was nurtured of these amazing sceneries, learned to appreciate things, and realized that our Mother Earth has a lot of wonders to offer, it is just for us to discover it.

And people who are looking for a peace of mind or would want to meditate or have a spiritual experience I recommend you to go to Sagada. It's a great place to soul-search and reflect."


The Islander said...

i remember the days when we were there... and i misses sagada.

rice shortage said...

Looks like a great destinations! nice pics!

Anonymous said...

I was there last November and it truly is a beautiful place. The thing that keeps it pristine is its relative isolation, it is a difficult place to get to. It's about a 5-6 hour "bumpy" bus ride from Baguio. I noticed that there are some development going on in the city itself. It's best for everyone, especially Filipino's to come visit the place and experience enjoy it now before the place gets more developed and crowded.


commoner said...

I had the chance to visit SAGADA twice and I really can say this is a place we can all be proud of. Despite the long drive from Manila, I promised myself to keep coming back. I even made a post of my visits.. >

Anonymous said...

Time to get there very soon, I felt jealous of the wonderful pictures. What is the best time to get there?

Mj Ces said...

"While the bus was moving I had this heartache to leave the place..."

I feel that myself every time I leave Sagada. It's as if I don't want to really leave. I can almost call it home because the people are very hospitable and the place...simply amazing.

Joelmagphi said...

My dream destination for this year...SAGADA! 

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