Monday, July 14, 2008

Ilog Bundok

Ilog Bundok
A crayon sketch of a Philippine provincial setting with a field, a pair of bahay kubos, and a stream running from the distant mountains.
December 26, 2007. 21 x 27 cm. Pastels on Paper. By David Eric Poarch.


oxygen said...

Hmmm... seems you laid the the finished drawing on grass when u photographed it, didn't you?

If you didn't crop too close to the size of the paper and let the real grass serve as border, it could have been an interesting "mixed media" masterpiece

Anyway, it's far better than what I could draw still


Coconuter said...

Hey Gen,

You're right, it was laid on grass when photographed back in Subic, but I didn't crop it. I just zoomed in as much as I could to get a more detailed capture of the sketch, hence most of the grass got cut off. But yes I agree, it probably would have looked much better with more of the grass border included.


pinoy_radical said...

Coconuter, ang ganda ng gawa mo, parang yung tanawin dito sa Porac, Pampanga. parang natatanaw ko yung Darabulbul Falls sa iginuhit mo. hehe

Rainier Tamayo ng Pampanga

oxygen said...

Hi dave

Thanks for acknowledging my comment. I never thought I have an eye for visual art.

Di bale, you could reconsider the idea for your next project. And maybe you could also ask for Thurman's contributions with his crayons. A father and son masterpiece that would be!

I keep up with the Coconuter posts here; sent u an invite in Tweeter too. Check me out in my Corkboard for updates

Thanks for keeping in touch

The Islander said...


a technical writer. a pro photographer. and now a painter. brilliant mind.

the drawing speaks a lot.

Meikah said...

beautiful drawing! it really depicts local color. Congrats!

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