Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Philippine Military Academy (PMA)

Here is yet another addition to Simon's trip to Baguio City--the Philippine Military Academy.

Baguio City has many interesting and attractive locations to visit, the chief among which is the Philippine Military Academy. It is located at the heart of the city, a place symbolizing glory and discipline. Philippine Military Academy, is located at Fort Del Pilar, Baguio City. This academy trains and develops a cadet to be an officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). Military ceremonies are important parts of the Academy’s tradition that serve the dual function of rendering honors and courtesies to deserving officials and dignitaries and training the cadets through parades, precision marching, poise, and discipline.

A weekly military ceremony at their grandstand consists of a regular Saturday Inspection (SI) and parade. Occasionally, silent drills are also held, wherein the performers, selected from the yearlings or the third class cadets execute drills and marches which include precise manual of arms and fancy formations, all done without commands. Visiting the Academy and witnessing these activities are events the Baguio tourist or vacationers look forward to.

I went there through taxi and was accompanied by Staff Sergeant Abasolo, who became my student in networking here in our unit AMIC. I taught them how a switch, router works, how they communicate by configuring them and how to connect to the internet. I showed them the actual configuration of switches and routers, and they appreciated this. After the demo, they were willing and enthusiastic to build a network for the whole Academy.

We strolled around, saw cadets walking in cadence and with poise and prime, flowering plants, and a black hawk singing. The bird enchanted me; I ran and stepped from one place to another to capture it, and before I knew it, and to my delight, I was on top of a hill witnessing towering pine trees and a stage where cadets perform with wooden chairs and tables.

Different churches exist at the Academy from Roman Catholic to Muslim to Born Again, and the most prominent there is the chapel. The Academy is very close to my heart because most of my senior officers in my unit are from PMA. The place is appreciatively and fairly clean, colder than in the city proper, and the place is very appealing because it is very peaceful and the people are well-disciplined.


berto xxx said...

nice blog isnt it?

berto xxx

Islander said...

home of snappy and disciplined people.

bat di ko nakita yung treehouse when we were there?!? hehe.

to simon nga pala, thank you for the birthday greets...

Anonymous said...

Good thing na binuksan na rin sa publiko ang PMA kasi dati di pwede pumasok sa loob. Next time pag pasyal ako sa Baguio bibisitahin ko ang place. Thanks and na excite ako mga pictures.

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