Sunday, August 10, 2008

Plebos Reception of PMA Class 2012

Here is another one of Simon's photo collections while at the Philippine Military Academy in Baguio. And I have two comments about this post:
1. I like to see fellow Filipinos acting with discipline and pursuing goals for their betterment, such as in this event.
2. I commend Simon for keeping a still finger while zoomed in to photograph this event.


I had the chance of seeing first hand the reception of the incoming Plebos (4th class cadets) of Philippine Military Academy (PMA). This reception of Plebos is held yearly every April 1. I saw cadets wearing their very sophisticated uniform with prime and proud while walking in cadence. I also saw parents and relatives patiently waiting the most awaited part, the reception of the Plebos. They were received by the upper 2nd class men (PMA MATIKAS Class 2010).

After a few minutes the band sounded and was followed by a grand entrance. They performed a few formations. We were awed even though I have watched them perform in many important occasions in the Philippine Army. After they performed, the master of the ceremony announced that the reception is on. These 2nd class cadets reluctantly ran going to the Plebos then started to yell, shout, and in high tone to intimidate them and oblique them to perform squat thrust, jumping jack, push up, sit up and run around the oval to test their mental and physical agility and preparedness and if one might quit.

While these Plebos were received by their immediate upper class men, I remembered my days during my training. Surely we have the same mind set to survive and here is my account of my experiences and how I survived the training.

What lies ahead, nobody among us knows, our minds are empty space, we are clueless what is going to happen next, it is beyond our imagination. I hear, I comply, and understand with the best of my ability “AYE, AYE SIR”, is the very first thing I learned in my training. At first I do not give much attention to those words but as I go on to the training I have took heart of it. In order to survive just obey, obey, and obey.

True to the saying goes “No Pain, No Gain”, each day that passes by seems so long as if days are weeks and weeks are months. As I look into the mirror during our training, what I see is not the typical picture of myself. I felt pity looking at a very dark and thin person, together with the skin burned and dried. Life really is full of sacrifices, all in my mind as days passed by is to enjoy and savor the moment. Behind the sorrows and hardships, I saw a glimpse of success in my mind that will come.

Yes, everything paid off, all of this confidence and knowledge I have I owe it to the Philippine Army. Wherever I will be, definitely will share my wonderful memories in the Army to whomever I meet along the way. And whatever life we have now, there are no secret ingredients in surviving; it is just to believe in yourself that you can make it till the end.

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