Sunday, October 26, 2008

Filipino Celebration

These pictures from Simon's certification celebration and his father's birthday in Ilocos Norte sure make me miss Filipino get-togethers and the fiestas and feasts that come along with them. I think these social gatherings combined with such savory smorgasbords make up a significant part of the happy vibe when reminiscing about the Philippines. Once tasted and experienced, who could forget such occasions...


After passing the CCNA certification, I called up my parents to inform them that I did pass the exam and told my mother to come home for a celebration. So I went home to my hometown--Solsona, Ilocos Norte. This was also to commemorate my father’s birthday.

It was a sunny and pleasant morning. I arrived with everything prepared: the tent, chairs, tables, and they were all busy chopping the meats, vegetables, and ingredients. My brothers and sisters shared various foods. Some bought meat, some vegetables, others cake, others brought the soft drinks, and I put in my share with the ice cream and pansit. Our close relatives came to celebrate with us. Everybody was congratulating me for passing the exam. My parents are so proud of me, most especially my father.

I spent time talking with my father. I also gave him money for his expenses. I am not close to my father but during that moment I felt his comfort and love as his son and I did not want that moment to pass by. It was a father and son conversation, and we just talked about anything under the sun. That's what I missed during my childhood but I guess it is not yet too late; with time, it was allowed to happen. When I was a kid until I stepped into college, I was not given a priority in everything they had to do, so I was set aside. I did not harbor any pain in my heart but it became a challenge to prove them that they were wrong. But now I receive so much love and felt that they are so proud for me. As the saying goes, “bilog ang mundo” (The world is round).

Everything paid off for a reason and my family celebrated with me and that's what makes life so beautiful and wonderful.

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