Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Sunset Over the Rice Fields

I was particularly interested in this post by Simon. Not only was it an artistic set of photographs, but he also did a good job in conveying his feelings and relating it with the images.

I was especially able to connect with Simon's reference to "wonderful adventures and misadventures" and "foods and desserts [that] served as our bonding, although food was also our weakness as we ate as if there was no tomorrow." In fact, Liza and I shared such moments with Simon, and it is nice to reminisce sometimes and remember the things we did, the places we saw, the foods we tasted, and a lifestyle that is missed.

Although the sun setting is not an unordinary natural phenomenon, it does hold a powerful number of connotations, one of which Simon tells of in his entry. And I was compelled to add an extra touch to it by complementing it with a song.


While in Ilocos Norte, I took the opportunity to go around town. Got our bicycle and I went directly to my safe haven which I used to visit every time I come to Ilocos. I use to go here to have a moment of relaxation and meditation while enjoying the fresh air and hearing the different sounds of insects around the place. I usually visit the place because I can shout, cry, and talk to myself without worrying if there are people around.

While sitting I remember my friends I used to be with when I am in the process of achieving my goals, our folks, and how we were able to discover and appreciate one’s importance. I am just smiling while reminiscing those wonderful adventures and misadventures of ours; eating our favorite foods and desserts served as our bonding, although food was also our weakness as we ate as if there was no tomorrow.

The purpose I came here for is to have self retrospection, to think about the long path I've tread and whether I have achieved and done all my goals in my life. After passing the CISCO certification exam, I am weighing if I am going to re-enlist or no more in the military because lots of people are discouraging me to not leave the army, as they said I might have a hard time looking for a decent job. I thought about it so deeply and my heart and mind struggled; after hours of quiet thinking I have come out with my decision to apply my terminal leave or an honorable dismissal and look for a job in private companies.

After a week of being CISCO certified, I received a call from an American Company based here in the Philippines. The interviewer asked me if I could start immediately and I replied, “not yet Sir because I still have a contract here in the Philippine Army till January 2009,” and then he replied “ok” and asked me how much is my asking salary; again I said “I do not have any idea yet.” At the end of the interview, he said that he can call me again at the moment that I am available for work. Hopefully, this is one of the best decisions I’ve made and no regret at the end.

I have realized in spite of those ups and downs in my life, I stayed focus and stood firm to my goals. I cannot be what I am now if I have not experienced those peaks and difficulties that makes life worthwhile. I endured and patiently waited this time of my life. Like this experience of the sun setting, I waited for so long to capture the best and amazing shot. From this wonderful creation of GOD, this is the right time to thank GOD for all His blessings and for bringing out the best in me.

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