Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Jog in Luneta Park

Simon has some familiar pictures in this post. I remember Luneta Park was one of the spots Liza and I had a big fight at. We ended up running after each other during the evening all through the nearby streets of the Roxas area and Mabini. Coincidentally, Simon was also there, so he joined the wild goose chase as we tracked Liza all the way to West Quezon Avenue (Project 6).

Anyway, without further ado, Simon's entry:

Early morning I decided to go to Luneta for a jog, and I invited my friends to join me. Some came but some didn’t because of a conflict in schedule. Luneta Park really is great for a jogging place because there are lots of trees around, clean surrounding, and songs being aired while jogging in the vicinity of the park. That was a weekend so there were a lot of joggers and families having a picnic on the grassy fields.

I saw excursionists (foreigner and kids in different schools) taking picture at the monument of Jose Rizal. The kids were enthusiastic seeing the Jose Rizal monument--not only knowing “who is our national hero” by mind but seeing it in person is worth the experience. There was also a dog show being held but I wasn’t able to watch it because I needed to get back home.

We can have a time for recreation and leisure even in the suburban place of Metro Manila by going to Luneta Park, even able to relax a bit like in the provincial life by picnicking with the whole family and friends under the trees. This provides a great relief by taking the time to embrace nature even in the chaotic life of metro.

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