Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Philippine Army Sports Fest

I am a strong advocate of exercise and an active lifestyle, so field days and other activities promoting physical fitness such as the sports fest hosted by the Philippine Army are events I certainly am in support of. The more motivation people have to keep moving, the better.

And now, Simon's account of the event:


Months ago, we had this sports fest with participation from every post and major unit of the Philippine Army. This is more of fun and games to test the camaraderie, worth, physical fitness, and sense of competition among the soldiers.

I was set to participate in table tennis but I had to refuse because it needed extra time that my priorities and schedule just could not accommodate. But even I did not play table tennis I went there to support my team and meet new friends. Every game requires team work and presence of mind to win the game.

We did not bag the champion award, but what matters most is that we enjoyed the games and had fun. We played fair and gave our best in every game; that's all any one of us could ask for. One of our team mates actually had some injuries in a tug-of-war game while pulling on the nylon rope. In spite of what happens, the games continues; it shows the spirit of being a soldier, that we are ready to sacrifice for our team (and countrymen). In the end, it was a fun time where everybody wins.

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