Monday, December 08, 2008

Up the Tower - Antenna Installation at Philippine Army

Simon goes up a tower to install an RF radio antenna.


Part of my job is to make sure that our internet is accessible and working, wired or wireless connection. We see to it that every major and post unit have the internet and putting restrictions on allowing sites they can browse and block sites that are not work related.

As a wireless administrator, there are some unexpected experiences like this one of going up a tower. Only that moment I have found out that I have a fear of heights (80 feet from the ground). My buddy and employees of American Technology Incorporated (ATI) go up the tower like cats, so fast and no hesitation, it's like they are walking on flat ground. When it was my turn to go up, for every step I made, I made sure that I was 100% safe, holding the bars so tight and taking my time. And I did the same thing going down.

We connected an RF radio antenna to give internet access through wireless connection to the remote offices of Philippine Army. This RF radio is 360 degree omni-directional antenna. While on the top, I was awed by the wonderful 360 degree scene that I started clicking my camera, capturing the whole Philippine Army camp. The scenery included the golf court, the golfers, the grandstand, airplane passing by, and the flag (the height of this flag is like a two-storey building), just to name a few.

From this experience of mine, I was able to conquer my fear; in one way or another this experience will mark a journey in my life. Conquering and believing in yourself is getting to know yourself as an individual.

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