Friday, January 02, 2009

Lantern Parade at UP Diliman

Simon was able to visit the UP campus this Christmas time for their annual lantern parade...


I was enthusiastic to go to UP Diliman to witness first hand the Lantern Parade held there every year. Representatives from the provincial colleges of UP have also participated in honor of the 100th founding anniversary of the state university. It’s been a major gathering of the students and alumni to end the UP Centennial year with a grand and colorful celebration.

Different lanterns were showcased from different Diliman colleges and provincial colleges. Besides the marching bands, the dancing, chanting, and the overall festive atmosphere, what I really liked about the Lantern Parade was that people can use it as an avenue for expressing their political concerns. Center for Women’s Studies was there championing for the approval of the Reproductive Health Bill and other union to express their sentiment about the Philippine situation and economy. And of course, the UP Community rejects the charter change and Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in general.

I expected so much from this event of UP but the event did not meet my expectations because of the long line of people following their lanterns; anyway, overall it was fairly decent. Hopefully next year it is going to be a purely lantern parade showing different lanterns based on their objective showcasing the talent and creativity of the students.

After I took pictures, I directly went to Araneta Coliseum, Cubao to take pictures of the Christmas lights, and while there I saw kids preparing for their performances as they will sing Christmas songs to their loved one. In one way or another, this is the perfect time for self retrospection and remembering the reason why we have CHRISTmas.. it is JESUS who died on the cross for us to have a salvation.

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Anonymous said...

Hi David. I don't know how the parade went in 2008 but the big crowd can really ruin your enjoyment of the event. This might be too early but next time you visit UP for the lantern parade, try to go there early (like 3pm) and sit at the stairs of the College of Social Science and Philosophy, College of Engineering, or Quezon Hall (facing the amphitheater). These are where the best sits are! You would enjoy it more if you're with your friends (the wait is really exhausting but worth the wait IF you're at the right place!). Take care buddy.

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