Monday, January 12, 2009

The Native

filipino nativeThe beginning of the end. That is perhaps what is symbolically portrayed in the picture below, where a native of the Philippines is seen carrying a wild pig fresh from the hunt, while in the background is a tent from a camp of foreign troops. Undoubtedly not long after, colonization would soon kill and replace the native way of life.

But what do I mean when I say "native"? After all, perhaps a different tribe came before the "native" pictured and would thus be more authentically indigenous, so what makes the classification appropriate for his people? Well, I should begin by discerning him from the "Filipino" and refrain from inaccurately referring to his kind as the "Filipino native." The Filipino is a product of colonization, civilization, and Christianization; hence, "Filipino" or "Filipino native" are inexact and misleading labels for the man in the photograph.

Just as other modern peoples in the world, the Filipinos live according to systems comprised of complex legal, political, and religious organizations. As a species, this is what we have become. We have defied the laws of nature by cheating natural selection and erasing our innate instructions of how to live--as a natural human. And so perhaps we no longer deserve to be called humans, because we are certainly a totally mutated life form. More precisely, we are an infection; an organism out of control that is off to eat the Earth until there is nothing left (and in effect, commit suicide).

But the upright being in the photograph is not [an infection]. He is a human in its purest form, a native of the Earth grounded to the equality and opportunity that nature bestowed. He is an animal that is neither superior nor inferior to other organisms but a mere player in the intricate balance of the ecosystem, where money, religion, weapons of mass destruction, and other products of civilization do not exist to cheat the game. In his world, truly nutritious food and pure, clean water can flourish abundantly as the population remains in check. And in a fair manner (but with effort), he hunts for his food, which gets him his daily amount of nourishment, sunshine, and exercise, all without having to think about it.

Yet here we are so lost in touch with our instincts and so dependent on civilization that we struggle to obtain all our true necessities for life and suffer from artificial illnesses as a consequence. And discarding the fact that we are attached to the modern way of life, we are so numerous and our acts so amplified that to leave civilization and to live on our own remains to be a challenge as the effects of our ill-actions become transferred in the air, water, and land. As we can see, civilization cannot be escaped; one cannot hide from it for its poisons diffuse worldwide. To end the infection, civilization must be dismantled. Only then can Earth recover, primitivity be restored, and the native human reborn.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. This is such an intelligently and concisely written article. I love the way you write and the variety of subjects (as well as your thoughts) you write about. Keep up the good work, and I hope some organization out there takes notice of your gifted mind and multifaceted interests.

Anonymous said...

He is African, just like the rest of us......-Ray

Dave said...

wow it is so awesome...

brolitz said...

well said!

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