Friday, January 09, 2009

Word of Life Camp, Philippines

Simon visited beautiful camp grounds in his most recent wandering. A Born Again adherent, apparently Simon was there for the Word of Life gathering. Although I am not Born Again, or a Christian (or an advocate of any religion for that matter), I would have enjoyed spending some time at this idyllic locale. And now, Simon's account:


Just recently my church held a family camp in the outskirt of Laguna (Word of Life Camp). We left Manila early morning and everyone came on time to be away from traffic jam at South Luzon Expressway because until now it is under construction. All of us are excited to this once in a lifetime event in my church.

Upon entering the air and noise pollution free camp, tall coconut trees welcome us. We entered our respective room and prepared ourselves for the activities of the day. We played basketball, volleyball, fun games, swim at the pool, and to add the excitement our pastor came up with a drama presentation. We also had this sharing time that we can share our present situation and relive our spirits to GOD.

It was a time of refreshing for all of us. Experiencing GOD’s presence and able to break free our past and renewed our life with GOD, this made the occasion a great time for everyone and meeting someone that makes me smile all through my day.

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