Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ferdinand Marcos' Hometown - Sarrat, Ilocos Norte

Simon recently had the chance to visit former President Ferdinand Marcos' birthplace in Sarrat, Ilocos Norte. Based on the pictures, Marcos apparently came from a quaint small town.

Apparently loved by many during the earlier years of his presidency, it is a shame that he did not remain grounded to his humble origins in Sarrat, as he eventually became disconnected with the lives and interests of the common folk and lost concern for the welfare of the Philippines and the Filipino.

He was born Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, but somewhere along the way I believe he lost himself to the control of others. What sparked the change? It is probably only Marcos himself who could have explained. But the photographs of his hometown and the images from his past tell a story of a man created simple, just as all men are, and then torn apart by the complexities that life brings.

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