Friday, March 27, 2009

Simon's Special Day (in Tagaytay) with his Special Someone

Simon revisits Tagaytay on his birthday. But this time, he does so with someone special...


One year older and this year I celebrated my birthday with a special someone. Her name is Michelle, we met in our church. I got to know her more when we went at Word of Life, Laguna. That was the first time I noticed her simplicity and elegance. We are both youngest in our family. And we enjoy each other's company when we find time to meet and eat at one of our favorite food restaurant that made our friendship even closer.

On my birthday, we met at SM city Manila and ate at MAX restaurant. While waiting for our orders I started to converse with her that I have wonderful memories in this restaurant. In the midst of our conversation our orders are served for our table, and this was interrupted. Then our conversation went to Thurman and Thea, talking about their physical attributes. We are smiling all through our meal, then after it, she decided to go home and I accompanied her to her dormitory.

A few days ago we went to Tagaytay. Last year I went alone but this time Michelle is with me. We had a great time together. We rode in the cable car, taking pictures anywhere and everywhere, ate our food together, and laughed all the more as if we were the only 2 persons in the place. We planned to leave the place by 2pm because we needed to attend our church service by 4pm, but we left Picnic Grove by 3pm because she enjoyed the place so much that we never noticed the time had passed so fast. With 2 hours trip going back to Manila, we were able to attend our church service even though we are late. This is one of the wonderful moments in my life. The polo shirt I am wearing is her gift for me.

Like these butterflies, we fly together so freely and are able to show the world our pure love.

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