Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Mansion and Wright Park in Baguio

Simon continues his vacation in Baguio City as he makes a visit to The Mansion and Wright Park.


The Mansion is located on the eastern part of the city along the Leonard Wood Road and right across Wright Park. It has been used by various Philippine presidents whenever they come up to Baguio for their official visits and engagements.

Within the compound and adjacent to the Mansion is a two-storey building which serves as the official residence of the Philippine President in Baguio City. A contingent of Philippine Marines maintains the security of this large compound and you will see some of them manning the guardhouse at the vicinity of the entry gate.

With its beautiful gardens and well-manicured lawn, it is a favorite site for sightseeing and picture taking. Also across the Mansion is the Wright Park with this high rise pines trees, which is also a perfect place for picture taking and if you love horse riding then this place is for you. You can have a horse back riding with your guide around the vicinity. Compared to Tagaytay, this is better because it has a wider place to roam around from Wright Park to the Botanical Garden and back to the park, it is 300 meters away.

After savoring the place, I went back again to the transient house to pack my things back to Manila. Jumong accompanied me to the city proper and ate our dinner at one of the restaurants there. After our dinner we decided to stroll around because I have 3 more hours back to Manila. While walking we heard some fireworks fired on to the air. We rushed up to the plaza to see this event. We weren’t able to witness the whole event but the best part there despite breathing so hard we were still able to witnessed, shot, and awed by the fireworks.

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