Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fort Ilocandia, Ilocos Norte

Simon recently took Michelle to Ilocos Norte to visit Fort Ilocandia, where they captured some great photographs of a very beautiful place. Enjoy the post.


Michelle and I went home to Ilocos for a vacation last month. We spent quality time with our respective families and visited places in our hometown together. One of the sites we went to was Fort Ilocandia located in Laoag City.

Fort Ilocandia is a 9-hectare resort hotel located at Barangay Calayab, which is 10 kilometers away from the city proper.

The last time I went to Fort Ilocandia was during my elementary days, way back when the resort was open to the public – when people celebrating special occasions like birthdays or just a mere barkada or family trip could go there, rent a cottage and experience the beach for free. I remember going there for a field trip with my Science class in fifth grade. Now, the place has become exclusive to those who check-in into the five-star hotel, which common people who used to frequent the place could not afford.

Knowing this, we approached the security guard on duty that day of our visit and asked if he could allow us to go inside and swim at the beach and stroll around. Fortunately, manong guard was kind enough to let us but reminded us to be quick so we wouldn’t be seen by the hotel owner. (We’re sorry manong, we didn’t even bother to ask your name but really we can’t thank you enough!)

Once inside, we took the chance to swim, take pictures, stroll and everything else we could do to enjoy our limited time. We weren’t given a “deadline” of some sorts by manong but we understood what he meant (of course we didn’t want him to be reprimanded). All these things that we did were well spent in a good one hour or less.

It was great. Really awesome experience. And indeed I learned from it: some good things (if not all) can happen in just a nick of time or in less than an hour or so and despite the time constraint one can enjoy every bit of that good thing, just like Michelle and I did. And if you’re one lucky fellow, sometimes there are perks to it: like spending them with a special someone. Well, wasn’t I a lucky one!

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