Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Retreat at Infanta, Quezon

Taking a break from the Baguio area, and getting the chance to spend some time with his special girl Michelle, Simon and his church group headed out to Infanta in Quezon province for a retreat. I wish I was there; it looks like they had a lot of fun. Simple and active games, to me, are perhaps the best kind. Enjoy Simon's post.



Our church held a family camp at Infanta, Quezon. With everyone geared up we headed to the camp site. The place was not really a camp, it is the house of one of our church members. Away from the chaos of Manila, the place was perfect for us, because there are lots of trees in the place and what’s more, the front of the house is a rice field. While savoring the fresh air we satisfied ourselves drinking and picking the fruit of coconut using a long stem of bamboo with a hook on top of it.

In the morning, we were scheduled to go to one of the islands there, so we woke up early just to be there and be able to see the sunrise but it was a cloudy day, so we never saw the sun. Nevertheless you’ll appreciate the place if you are a nature lover.

We were like eagles freed from imprisonment for a long time. We wasted no time; the moment we reached the island we took our things and ran to enjoy the place. While there, we saw a wonderful rainbow as if God was ensuring our safety. We swam and played patintero, agawan panyo, agawan buko, and chasing your opponent using the slipper. I personally enjoyed the agawan buko because it requires physical strength, present of mind, and camaraderie among the team. The challenge was to get the buko from the opponent’s base without rules being imposed. The agawan buko game can be compared with a rugby game.

Soon, we had to leave the place. Despite the aches we had all over our body from all our physical activities we nevertheless had a great day in the island.

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fufu said...

wow what a nice place!! bet it worth to have aches since you guys had a nice trip =p see if i could go there or not the next time i fly to manila again :)

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