Saturday, August 22, 2009

Atop a Plateau in Ilocos

Still temporarily staying in Ilocos Norte, Simon ventures onto different terrain in the area. This time a plateau... His post below:


View from the top

Despite our stint at the falls, our energies were still high as we attempted to do another adventure - this time to challenge this peak (picture of the mountain).

My nephews – Jason, Lawrence and Janus – and I raced against each other towards the mountain. While running I couldn’t help but reminisce the past when these kids were just cute little tykes who I cuddle in my arms but now I could see that they were all grown up. I used to climb this mountain, which we informally called “plateau”, with my friends in elementary and high school from way back and here I was climbing it again with my nephews.

The wind was blowing hard while we were on our way up but that did not stop us from pushing through. We were very careful though because the trek we were threading was stiff and narrow.

As we reached the top, we saw a wide flat-top mountain that I thought could be developed as a runaway. We saw from the top the whole town of Solsona and Dingras and even the city of Laoag. I was awed and happy about this experience of ours. And adventuring with my nephews is something new and refreshing to me.

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