Sunday, August 02, 2009

Pikkang Falls

Still no luck landing a job, Simon spent some time in his home province of Ilocos Norte and while roaming around, chanced upon this beautiful and unadulterated spot--Pikkang Falls. Indeed, Simon's fondness for traveling, adventure, and nature is one reason we get along so well.

Simon's post below:


It was one of those typical days at my eldest sister’s house. I was bored and had nothing to do. After lunch, I wondered what fun thing to do. I couldn’t sit down all day long without doing anything. I wanted to go somewhere else and I thought of going to this place called Pikkang falls, which I often hear my nephews talk about.

Pikkang falls is located in the outskirts of Sta. Ana, Solsona, Ilocos Norte, 20 kilometers away from the town proper where our house is located.

Without wasting time, I asked my nephews to go to Pikkang. To reach the place, one of my nephews asked his friend who lives in Sta. Ana to accompany us there.

It was a long trek going to the falls but it was a good thing that the weather was favorable making the hike not at all difficult. When we arrived there, we found other people nearby also enjoying the falls.

Upon seeing the falls, my nephews immediately ran to the water and outdid each other into climbing the falls and jumping from the top into the water below. I was envious just by looking at them so I decided to try. At first I was afraid but with the cheers and encouragements from my nephews, I finally did it and jumped off the water.

It was fun being with my nephews and doing what I love to do – going out and experiencing the beauty nature has to offer. And what made it more wonderful was seeing them appreciate this love for nature.

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Daene said...

Jumping off a waterfall, awesome! I did that once in CDO and it was an insane feeling. This is a great post! It's nice to know there are still a lot of places like Pikkang falls that remain a "locals only" kind of joint - best to pay these spots a visit soon, before the tourists come! :)

NETworker said...

Hi Daene,

Warmest thanks to your comment. Please do register at to see more post and to be part of our group which we are working at the moment.

See you.

Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

nice blogpare para akong namamasyal sa loob ng picture!
salamat sa pagdaan sa pamatay homesex! este! homesick pala.

kailangan ma-add kita sa blog list ko.he he he.

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