Saturday, November 07, 2009

Adams (Anuplig) Falls

Another post by Simon from his home province of Ilocos Norte:


The town of Adams in Ilocos Norte opened the door to its breathtaking falls to tourists. Accessible through Pagudpud, Adams is 200 meters away from the Patapat viaduct. With my nephews, I left Solsona through public transportation going to Adams and from the town we rode motorcycle bikes to the falls.

At P250 per pax, motorcycle bikes are a more popular mode of transportation because of the rough road – and it was raining when we went there. The ride to the top was really rough: we passed through rivers and deep cliffs.

Upon reaching the place we approach the nearest police station to check if it was safe to go to the Anuplig Falls. The police who attended to us asked us to sign on their log book for safety purposes.

From there, we started our hike to Anuplig Falls. On our way, we saw man-made rice terraces and passed through small waterfalls. The hike was a challenge because of the deep cliffs, sharp rocks and slippery terrain. After a good 45 minutes or so, we finally reached Anuplig Falls and the rain was getting stronger and harder as you can see in the pictures.

Anuplig was about 20 feet of natural waterfalls with two basins that one can swim into. We also climbed the top of the falls through the mountain on the side, it was raining we had to be careful and watchful so as not to fall.

After about 20-minutes of swimming and enjoying the place and the rain is getting stronger and harder which was our sign to leave because of the long trek back and our guide have the instinct that the water level of the of the rivers might get higher and we might not be able to go home. So we prepared ourselves and trekked back to eat for lunch. It was still raining when we left Adams and on our way home we saw and bought pineapples as “pasalubong”. And the pineapples of Adams are the sweetest pineapples I ever tasted in my life.

The efforts of the Municipality of Adams, Ilocos Norte, opening Adams to tourists is laudable because it is always a pleasure to see the wonders of GOD and appreciate what nature can offer.

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