Wednesday, December 09, 2009

On the Way to the Philippines

By the time you probably read this, I will likely already be on the flight to the Philippines.  Or, if you do not subscribe to this site's feed or regularly follow this site (or the twitter account), then I may already be in the Philippines by the time you read this...

As you may have noticed, there is a post on Potipot Island.  The way that post is set up--with the teaser on this blog and the main contents in the private blog--is how many of the upcoming posts will be set up as well.  So, again, if you have not registered for access to the private blog, please do so if you want access to the new adventures.

And if you know of anyone who might enjoy these upcoming posts, or someone who used to be a regular reader but lost touch due to my inactivity, I would appreciate if you could inform them and help spread the word.  I appreciate it!  ... and Mabuhay!


Anonymous said...

Coconuter Part ][ !!!

Ingat ka David! The adventure continues...


rez said...

hope to see u here in pinas..hehhe

che said...

welcome back david

Anonymous said...

David, if you decide to stay in PI for good, apply for scholarship. Ateneo or UP Diliman will be glad to accept you. In these universities, you can network and find opportunities-- Media, TV, or film, where money is easy.

When you have enough money, buy a land, a huge one, and plan for sustainable projects. I did that in Mindanao, but currently in LA for my masters.

Just my one cent.


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