Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pacquiao - Clottey Presser Pics (Dallas and New York)

You all are probably aware that Mayweather chickened out of the planned fight with Pacquiao. In place, Manny Pacquiao is now fighting Joshua Clottey.

It was a really close fight when Clottey fought Miguel Cotto. Some actually saw Clottey winning that fight, so this upcoming bout with Clottey will be a difficult one for Manny--not to mention that Clottey is the naturally bigger fighter (even bigger than Cotto). But, I have confidence in Manny's boxing abilities, and I feel that he will knock Clottey out (though Clottey has never been knocked out before--African fighters like Clottey, who is from Ghana, are usually difficult to knock out, perhaps due to their unique cranial architecture).

Below are pictures from the pressers at Dallas, Texas and New York City. I noticed na todo hawak at kapit si Manny sa mga cheerleaders, habang si Clottey ay halos dampi lang ang pagkahawak, haha. I also noticed that Manny is wearing a number 3 jersey, which is coincidentally my lucky number. That's a good sign, hehe.

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watch pacquaio vs clottey said...

This is a very great fight this upcoming march 13, 2010. After the cancellation of the fight between pacquaio vs mayweather but then there's a replacement to the fight which i will watch out and then the question is "who will win in this biggest fight" ..will it be pacquaio or clottey?


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