Thursday, January 21, 2010

Philippine Radio Stations (including Manila) Streaming

One reason (only one of many) why I like (love!) the Philippines is because it has ENERGY. During the day, I will have to say that the tropical sunshine has a large part to do with that, because biologically, sun rays hitting our photoreceptor cells actually activate numerous bodily functions while also maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm (that's why people who live well beyond the tropic of Cancer and Capricorn get depressed and get their sleep patterns out of whack during the Winter and most of Fall and Spring).

But anyway, beyond the bright sunshine, the Philippines is naturally just a lively place. Perhaps it's a combination of the high population density (which is noticeable in the urban areas but not so much in the provinces) and the vibrant culture. And a unique part of the culture is the Filipinos' fondness for music, and for the most part, it's in good taste. Usually a blend of pop (whether American, Korean, Spanish, or whatever), soft rock, ballads, oldies, and original Pilipino music (OPM), you'll hear it jamming in the jeepney, in the taxi, in the malls, and even as you walk down the street, because there's basically a karaoke/videoke machine at every corner. And the Filipino's taste for generally good music is significantly influenced by what is played on the radio (or perhaps the radio stations are influenced by the Filipinos' taste of music). It's likely both ways, but anyway, below is a list of some of the major radio stations in the Philippines. My favorites (from the few I've heard) are Energy FM (who can forget the slogans "Hi Panggaaa," "May Energy Ka Ba?," "Wag Mong Sabihing Radyo, Sabihin Mo Energy!"), Magic FM, Love Radio, and K-Lite. And if I remember correctly, Star FM and YES! FM are pretty good too. How about you, what's your favorite Philippine radio station?

A good streaming site with most of these is: (Note: use the 'Next' button on the site instead of the page numbers to switch pages as the numbers actually skip a page that has stations such as Energy FM)

103.9 FM Spirit FM Radio - Lucena City
106.1 FM Radio Boracay
1197 Khz DXFE
91.1 FM - True FM Radio
92.3 XFM
Aksyon Radyo Iloilo 720 AM
ALFA RADYO - Batangas City
Bombo Radyo - Dagupan 1188 AM DXIF
Bombo Radyo - Naga DXIF
Business Radio 104.3 FM
COOL Radio - Naga City
Crossover FM 105.1 FM
DWIZ 882 AM Radio Manila
DWRT 99.5 FM
DXGO Aksyon Radio 855 AM
DXOL 92.7 FM - Cotabato
DXRJ Iligan 1476 AM Radio
DZBB Globe 594 AM
DZGB 729 AM Legazpi City
DZRB Radyo ng Bayan 738 khz Quezon City
DZRH 666kHz Manila
Energy FM Cebu 94.7 FM
Energy FM Dagupan 90.3
Energy FM Manila 91.5 FM
Home Radio 97.9 FM
Home Radio 97.9 FM
Hot FM 100.5 FM Dipolog DXHD
Hot FM Antique 106.9 FM
Hot FM Dagupan 106.3 FM
iFM 103.9 Baguio Radio Pinoy
iFM 1039 Baguio Radio
iFM 93.9 Manila
IFM Dagupan 104.7
iFM DWHB 93.9 FM Manila - Baguio City
Jam 88.3 FM
K-Lite 103.5 FM
Kiss FM
Lips106 FM - Manila
Love Radio FM - DXMB 95.1 FM - Butuan
Magic 89.9 FM
Max FM 103.5 FM
Monster Radio 93.3 FM
Monster Radio RX 93 FM
Monster Radio RX 93.1 FM
Nu Rock 107.5 FM Manila
One Radio 91.3 FM - Tabaco City
Power 92.3 FM Naga City
Radio Crossover 105.1 FM Manila, Philippines
Radio DWAV (Wave 89.1) Manila, Philippines
Radio DWRT (99.5RT) Cebu
Radio Manila - Manila
Radio Philippines Online Radio Station - Pinoy Radio
Radyo Dominico 102.3 FM
Radyo Natin - DZRH - MBC
Radyo Natin FM 105.5
Radyo Natin FM 105.5 - Whales
RJ 96.5 FM Tuguegarao
RJ Underground 105.9 FM
RJFM Manila
RMN Bacolod DYHB 747 AM
RMN Cagayan de Oro DXCC 828 AM
RMN Manila - Manila
RMN Manila DZXL 558 AM
RMN News 558 AM
RMN Radio Pinoy USA AM
RX Cebu 105.9 FM
Uncion FM 106.7
Wave 89.1 FM - Manila
Wave 89.1 FM - Manila RnB
XFM 92.3 FM - Manila
Zone 105 FM Naga City


Eric said...

Hi David..thanks for sharing this I can listen to my fave FM station while away in the Philippines....miss ko nang makinig ng radio sa Pinas...

Anonymous said...

Photoreceptor cells.. yes, that's CORRECT!! Our eyes evolved to see under natural sunlight; lack of sunlight during the evening actually starts a chemical reaction to put us to sleep.

Thanks for the list David! OPM rules!!

Of course, sa bansa natin madaming ingay din at madumi sa mga paligid, I hope we can change that.


Royce King said...

I love Magic 89.9! I can spend the whole day listening to them! (except on Fridays when they play old music!)

Good Times w/ Mo, Mojo and Grace Lee has been my favorite radio show for a while now, followed by Boys Night Out with Slick Rick, Toni2x and Sam YG!

Just wanna share!
Its my first time to check out ur blog and I love it! =)

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