Friday, January 29, 2010

Tagaytay Highlands

Tucked away in the province of Cavite is Tagaytay--a cool and stress-relieving getaway just an hour and fifteen minutes south of Metro Manila via the South Luzon Expressway. Unlike Simon, who had already had the chance to visit other Tagaytay sites (like Tagaytay Picnic Grove and People's Park in the Sky), this was my first time to visit. And, with the kind invitation of some friends, I was able to experience perhaps the most refined and impressive views of the area from Tagaytay Highlands, which requires membership for entrance.

Sometimes referred to as "Little Baguio," Tagaytay City's climate is characterized by relatively low temperature, low humidity, and abundant rainfall. The city is endowed with a cool and invigorating climate with an average temperature of 22.7 °C, or about 72.86 °F. Situated approximately 600 meters above sea level, the city is breezy, misty, and is relatively cooler during the months of December, January and February. With the pleasant weather and widespread comforts and amenities, such as golf courses, restaurants, clean air and surroundings, lush greenery and gardens, parks, sports complexes, spiritual sanctuaries, etc.) Tagaytay is an ideal location for a vacation or retirement home if one can afford it.

Highlights of our day trip included an elegant and delectable lunch at Highlands China Palace, a stroll through the Highlands Country Club (Animal Farm and pond fishing), a breathtaking view from atop the Highlands Peak, and of course, getting to know our gracious and amiable new friends.


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tagaytay... miss the boat trip and horse ride up to the mountain =p

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