Friday, February 12, 2010

Ara Mina is Clueless (with Transcript of Mo Twister's IMO Interview)

ara mina mo twister imo interviewYes, that is what I can say about Ara Mina (who is running for councilor in Quezon City) after watching the interview Mo Twister had with her on his show IMO. Like many other celebrities, she is relatively clueless about political and national affairs, as is exhibited in the IMO interview video below, which I have transcribed in this post.

Yet, it makes me wonder why Manny Pacquiao, a national icon, is having trouble landing a political spot when so many other celebrities have gotten in fairly easily. The conclusion I have come down to is that, to the eyes of the Filipino people, Manny may be lacking in face value (and compared to Ara Mina's case--body value too) compared to other show biz celebrities (actors, actresses, etc.) who have ran for public office.

In Mo Twister's interview of Ara Mina, it is clear that Ara was rather ignorant of many of the topics thrown at her. Perhaps we could say that it is a rather tense spot to be in, especially it being the "lightning" round, but she should have disregarded the pressure and asked for clarification, examples, etc., because I think she was actually aware of the Maguindanao case and knew it was a "bad thing," but I believe she just drew a blank when Mo threw out the phrase "private armies." Unfortunately, she didn't do herself any good when she tried to reason her way through it by explaining that she doesn't follow the news.

As for the other topics, for the most part, it seems she was either really just clueless about them or she gave illogical reasoning to support her opinion, both of which do not look good for someone trying to get into politics. But to her credit, she stayed relatively calm and composed throughout the whole interview.

Based on that interview, I don't think politics is the place for her (or most of the other celebrities who are now in politics, for that matter), but considering that a lot of Filipinos remain ignorant themselves about politics and political candidates' capabilities, it would not surprise me if she still got voted in.

Transcription of Ara Mina Interview on Mo Twister's IMO

Mo: So, we'll see how it turns out in this election. Now, uh, Ara let's play something called the Lightning Round. All I'm going to do is I'm going to ask you if you're "for" or "against" a certain topic.

Ara: What?

Mo: That's it. "For" or "Against," hindi na kailangan mag-expound.

Ara: Hahaha, ok...

Mo: Ok, here we go. Ara, first... Private Armies.

Ara: Anong sasabihin ko?

Mo: For or Against.

Ara: Uhh...

Mo: Are you... Do you... Do you like private armies? Or ayaw mo?

Ara: For.

Mo: For... Did you want to expound on that? That's a very controversial answer also, saying you are pro-private armies, especially considering what happened in Maguindanao. Did you want to add to that?

Ara: Well, that's why I.. I ano eh.. I didn't answer your question kung "against" ako or "pro" ako sa Maguindanao. Kasi, uh, lately hindi ko nasusundan yung news about the..

Mo: the national stuff...

Ara: Yeah, especially about the Maguindanao thing. So, it's hard to comment lalo na kung hindi mo alam yung real story, di ba?

Mo: Right, right.. Alright... Caller from Quezon City, her name is Melody Luzambe. Melody, good evening, thanks for being on IMO, how are you?

Melody: Hello...

Mo: Hi melody.

Melody: Yah... if i may make a comment, ano?

Mo: Absolutely.

Melody: Kasi kanina, yung questions that you asked Ara Mina... I hope she doesn't mind, it was just a reaction, ano? I think, to me, it shows that many people in the entertainment field.. movie actors and actresses.. do not follow the news, like yun sa Maguindanao issue. It is very disappointing that Ara Mina said she has not been following the news... This has been, you know, for almost one month, everyday na sa newspaper, na sa tv.. all the pictures, the massacre.. How could somebody like her, who i thought is an intelligent actress, has not been following... You don't really have to follow everyday...

Mo: I gotcha... But let's get back to your comment about Ara. Ara, she was making a point that if you're not following the Maguindanao issue, which has been, again, everyday in the news... and you are running for politics, that could be kinda disheartening for a lot of people, especially say people like Melody who...

Ara: No, it's everyday nga eh.. kumbaga ilang, ilang, may more than a month na nasa news yan.. I'll be honest, everytime i watch the news, medyo.. nakaka-depress eh.. pag nanunuod ka, patayan jan patayan dito... Of course, i want to know what's happening in our country, but napanuod ko na yung ilang news.. parang, sobrang na-dedepress ako...

Mo: Yah, but the thing about that Ara is that you are running for politics. Like maybe if you weren't running for a position and na-dedepress ka sa news, then ok lang, sige patayin mo.. don't watch it anymore, that's fine...but the fact that you're running for public office, and in public office, especially in a country like ours that struggles... it's very depressing... uh, situations around you, whether in your district, in your city, in your province, or whatever... nakaka-depress talaga...and you have to be able to strengthen yourself and do this...

Ara: Hindi, kasi I always go out eh... Hindi ko afford manuod lagi ng news... So sometimes, I receive text... Uh, news from sa text, and message, then sometimes nakaka-basa ako ng jaryo... So, hindi ko talaga... pero alam ko yung nangyari... I know, hindi ko lang alam yung sobrang detalye.. details na ano, yung sa kanila, kasi meron din akong inaasikaso sa district ko..

Mo: Next, pre-marital sex.. Are you "pro" or "anti" pre-marital sex?

Ara: (laughs)

Mo: Oh, I'll tell you mine.. Pro (smiles with thumbs up) (laughs)

Ara: (looks at Mo)... Hmm?

Mo: Are you "pro" or "against".. pre-marital sex?

Ara: Uh.. Well.. Against?

Mo: But, as we all know again, I'll bring it up again, is that you were a sexy star once... Does that mean, you almost regret the roles..

Ara: No..

Mo: ..that you've done?

Ara: No...

Mo: I mean, I don't think in all of your movies when you were making love scenes that you were married in all of those roles, right? I mean...

Ara: Yeah, it's just a role... Kasi that's the reality eh...

Mo: Right, but aren't you promoting pre-marital sex in those roles if you are engaging in it? I mean, if you are not.. if you're not... if you're anti-premarital sex, but yet you do it in your roles, isn't that... don't you find that a bit contradictory?

Ara: No, if you will notice kasi.. uhm, di ba yung mga R-18?

Mo: Yeah.

Ara: So, hindi allowed din yung mga ano... so hindi nila napapanuod.

Mo: Ok. Charter Change?

Ara: Mmm.. Against?

Mo: Against.. Alright... How about the VFA?

Ara: VFA?

Mo: The Visiting Forces Agreement.

Ara: Uhmmm......... You?

Mo: (sighs) (smiles)

Ara: Parang ginigrill mo ako dito, haha...

Mo: Of course.. Alright here's an easier one.. Noynoy Aguino for president.. what do you think?

Ara: Hmm?

Mo: Do you like Noynoy for president?

Ara: Lahat naman ano eh...

Mo: Do you have already a presidential bet in mind?

Ara: I'm running independent..

Mo: Ok. Gay marriage?

Ara: Gay marriage? Uhm.. I have lots of ano.. friends na gay.. but, Against...

Mo: Against.. Ok. Legalizing marijuana?

Ara: Mmm.. Against?

Mo: Me too. The Reproductive Health Bill?

Ara: Mmm.. For.

Mo: For.. Ok. Anti-Pornography Bill?

Ara: Against.

Mo: Alright, fair enough...


Anonymous said...

, stupid . . =.=

Jerick said...

i'll be so disappointed if she'd still end up winning in her district.

don said...

ngeks! anung "FOR" PRO yun Ara Mina!! ampff!!!

Anonymous said...

you cannot mask stupidity

kriszia said...

She's like the Sarah Palin of the Philippines, only DUMBER.

Anonymous said...

even a gradeschool student cud answer can she not????? hopeqc pipol will think first b4 voting... haiiiii....

TJ said...

Please don't vote celebrities

TJ said...

BTW, do you have the link to the article/video where she said that video was edited to make her look dumb(er)?

People have been telling me there is, but I can't find it.

koki_motok said...

goodness gracious.. pag nanalo ang mga kagaya nito,, mas bobo ang mga pinoy..

Anonymous said...

this is one of the reasons why celebrities should not join or even run for politics. can't they just stay in the entertainment world? kailangan ba sumali pa sila sa politics? eto yung depressing.. wala na nga silang kaalam alam sa nangyayari sa paligid, tatakbo pa? wag tayong bumoto ng tao based on their popularity.. tayo rin ang magsisisi sa huli. hindi rason yung d mo nasusundan ang balita. buti sana kung taga bundok ka at walang TV or newspaper don. kahit nga sa bundok umaabot ang balita eh. botohin natin yung mga taong alam natin na may maitutulong sa bayan, hindi dahil sikat sya.

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