Friday, February 12, 2010

The Jason Aguilar Ivler Case

jason aguilar ivlerAs many are probably aware (except for individuals like Ara Mina who don't follow the news), Filipino-American Jason Aguilar Ivler (nephew of musician Freddie Aguilar) is being charged with murder for the killing of Renato Ebarle Jr. (son of Renato Ebarle Sr., an assistant secretary at MalacaƱang Palace) during a road rage incident at the corner of Boni Serrano St. and Ortigas Avenue in Quezon City last Nov. 18, 2009, and homicide through reckless imprudence for the death of presidential adviser Nestor Ponce during a traffic accident in 2004. And apart from that, additional charges of assault upon persons of authority, resisting arrest, and illegal possession of firearms would be filed against Ivler.

Thanks to information provided by a former housemaid, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) was tipped that Ivler may very well still be hiding in the Aguilar residence (the purchase of extra food stocks, the rearrangement of furniture, and renovation in the basement of the house just a day after the Ebarle incident likely gave it away). The NBI raided the home in the Blue Ridge A Subdivision (Quezon City) on January 19, 2010.

A short shoot-out between Ivler and the 50-strong NBI task force took place, which resulted in lawyer Lito Magno, chief of the NBI Special Action Unit (SAU), sustaining a graze wound on his right thigh and special investigator Anna Lira Labao receiving a shrapnel wound in the left side of her chest. Both are recovering. Ivler was captured after sustaining gun shot wounds that ruptured his large intestine and lacerated his spleen. He underwent surgery and is recovering.

Ivler is fortunate that the NBI got to him and not the notorious Philippine National Police (PNP). Had the PNP been on the scene, Ivler's brains probably would have been splattered all over the wall. In hindsight though, maybe Ivler would have much preferred that outcome instead of the long and hard time he is (likely) going to face in prison.

Some speculate (such as his classmate from Brent International School) that Ivler's derangement originated from a childhood of insecurity and being bullied, possibly nurturing Ivler's tendency to react with bizarre, rageful, and irresponsible behavior--apparently something that even time with the U.S. Army could not fix (Ivler was a U.S. Army enlistee). It could also be added that he was a spoiled child--one that thought he was above the law and regularly took advantage of his father's wealthy and diplomatic status. I hope he enjoyed it while it lasted, because the only "pampering" he's (likely) going to get now is from the Bubbas in prison.

Marlene Aguilar-Pollard, mother of Ivler, has been charged with obstruction of justice. Stephen Pollard, Asian Development Bank economist and stepfather of Ivler, as well as other relatives and friends who helped Ivler hide from authorities may very well also be charged with obstruction of justice.

Meanwhile, Filipino worker (welder) Jason Aguilar, who was deported recently from Qatar after being mistaken for the fugitive Jason Aguilar Ivler, is finally piecing his life back together after the Qatar Police, Interpol, the PNP, and/or the Philippine Center on Transnational Crime (PCTC) apparently screwed it up.

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