Saturday, February 27, 2010

Meet Tayo

While there during December, I had a chance to meet some people, but not all unfortunately (no worries, there is a next time naman). And a few people had mentioned that I should set specific days for gatherings so that I could meet a lot of people at once. This is a good idea, and I think I may implement it when I return, so stay tuned as the date approaches.

This post contains a mixed set of pictures. Of course, you will notice the LRT. Apparently, you can cram a lot of people in there (parang sardinas talaga, haha).

You will also see some images of Trinoma. I met Jerick (a reader and fellow blogger) there, but we cut our meeting short because I had a session of Muay Thai set for that afternoon.

I did Muay Thai with my friends that I went to Tagaytay Highlands with (they are brother and sister by the way). It was a great workout. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any shots of myself in action. I just took a photo of myself when it was all done and I was already worn-out.

There is a series of photos when Dong (fellow travel blogger, also went with him to Paco Park) and I ate at a buffet place known as Dad's/Kamayan/Saisaki. The food I enjoyed the most there is the unlimited sushi and sashimi, as I am a fan of raw fish. I didn't think it was too peculiar, but Dong noted that I eat sushi and sashimi with my hands. I think that's the best way to eat it, haha.

Simon and I met Noi (also an occasional reader and fellow blogger) at Razon's in Fort Bonifacio. They've got some decent halo-halo there. The halo-halo at Mangan's is also ok.

The last couple of photos are of an old taxi driver. He was very reckless (kaskasero) yet still agile with his driving, and he kept cursing at other taxi drivers who he criticized for being amateurish and not knowing how to drive aggressively. I had a kick out of it.


Jerick said...

yeah, there will always be a next time. you got work here na sa pinas?

Coconuter said...

wala pa pre... still looking. i'm looking for freelance, part-time, project-by-project, or commission-type work kasi eh... i'm not really interested in the full-time corporate daily grind... flexibility and some freedom is a priority, hehe... musta na pala?

Jerick said...

ok lang ako. if you aren't interested to be an employee, why not be a partner to some company? that way, malaya ka pa rin.

Coconuter said...

oo nga, that would really be nice. hopefully i will come across one, or maybe a company will come across me and make something happen... we'll see

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