Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Paco Park

paco park kalachuchiIn continuation from roaming around in Roxas Blvd and Luneta Park, Dong and I kept on walking--this time to Paco Park. Paco Park is a beautiful garden-like area along General Luna St. and Padre Faura Street in Paco district, Manila.

With it's quiet, serene, and sometimes eerie-like ambiance along with the aging structures, Paco Park and it's domed church are actually quite reminiscent of the scenery in the old mystery and adventure game Myst/Riven, if you've ever heard or played that. I must also say that I would have had a ball playing around in this place when I was a kid, especially during the stage in my childhood when I was into forts and such, since Paco Park looks very much like a fortress. It makes a good location for hide-and-seek too, and that's a game I still like to play even as an adult, haha.

With all the buko juice we drank from Luneta Park, we had to take a major leak before checking out all of Paco Park. I must have unloaded two out of the three coconuts I drank there.

One of the unique things about Paco Park is that it's not really that big of a place, but it's a place that can be photographed from so many angles and still not be redundant. And for a very quiet and seemingly simple place, there's a lot of little things going on if you are observant.

Upon climbing up to the upper portion of the wall, I noticed a beautiful white, dead bird. It looked like a pigeon, but I don't think it was, and there were several of them in the trees. Paco Park is the only place I have seen such birds.

I pointed out to Dong that death seems to be the major theme at Paco Park, because we've got this dead bird, we've got dead people jammed up in the walls (because it used to be a cemetery), we've got the dead national hero Jose Rizal (who was originally buried at Paco Park), and finally we've got the kalachuchi flowers, which are very beautiful blossoms, but they are known to be flowers for the dead.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend the Paco Park experience. In fact, I think if you live nearby or in Manila, Paco Park is one of the best spots to take a girl out for a date.


dodong flores said...

We used to visit here alone several times in the past. My wife and I had our prenup here.
That's right. This is a great place for a date. I brought my wife (then girlfriend) here after we were on. I post the link here if you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

ah so you're back here in Manila pala.


Coconuter said...

Not exactly... There is a delay in my postings. Please read some of the previous posts to get updated =)

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