Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Walking Along Roxas Blvd and Luneta Park

luneta parkApparently, lots of people flock to Roxas Blvd and Luneta Park on New Year's Day. I found that out while roaming in the area with fellow travel enthusiast Dong Ho. We met up at SM Mall of Asia and made our way to the Coconut Palace, which was closed unfortunately. So, we decided to walk from there, along Roxas Blvd, and to Luneta Park--taking pictures and just enjoying the beautiful day.

Some of the things we passed along the way included JUSMAG, the US Embassy, the benches along Manila Bay, Museo Pambata, and the tamaraw and carabao statues (not sure what that area is called). Thirsty from the lengthy walk, we drank some fresh buko juice--straight from the coconut. Dong was able to drink two, while I was able to work down three coconuts. Good stuff! Very refreshing...

We worked our way through Luneta, passing Rizal's shrine, the Lapu-Lapu statue, and the Dept. of Tourism building, which is now an interesting yellow color. In the back of the park, we paused for a moment to look at the 3-D terrain map of the Philippines, as I noted where I was in Mindanao just a couple of days prior.

After Luneta, our day was only half done. With our tanks filled with coconut juice, we walked on...

And after seeing the people along Roxas and in Luneta Park, I thought to myself--this is one of the reasons the Philippines is the way it is. There is a mentality among the Filipinos that makes me smile, and it's something like: "Life's all messed up... But screw it, I'm going to have fun and enjoy myself anyway..."

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