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Who was Salvador "Bubby" Dacer?

salvador bubby dacerSalvador "Bubby" Dacer was a PR consultant or publicist in the Philippines with an elite clientele that included many of the rich, powerful, and otherwise influential figures in Philippine politics or the big business arena--notably Presidents Fidel Ramos and Joseph Estrada.

Salvador "Bubby" Dacer and his driver, Emmanuel Corbito, were abducted in Makati, the business district of Manila, on the morning of November 24, 2000 while on their way to the Manila Hotel. Investigations later showed that the two were interrogated, tortured, and strangled to death, and their bodies burned and vehicle dumped. In 2001, a number of arrests were made.

The ultimate reasons for Dacer's murder remain a subject of debate. Fidel Ramos has publicly accused his successor, Joseph Estrada, of giving the original order. The order was then delegated to Panfilo "Ping" Lacson (he was the Philippine National Police (PNP) Director-General at the time), who allegedly planned the abduction and killing plus further delegated the orders to subordinates.

Take note that Estrada was mired in a corruption scandal at the time, and according to some reports, Estrada believed Dacer was helping Ramos destabilize his rule. Furthermore, it probably wasn't hard for Estrada to convince Lacson to go through with the plan as (in an interview by Transportation Undersecretary Reynaldo Berroya said that Dacer possessed documents showing Lacson was earning billions of pesos from stock manipulation. Furthermore, former police senior superintendent Cezar Mancao had also testified at the Manila court that Lacson and Estrada sought the liquidation of Dacer after the latter threatened to expose Estrada’s involvement in insider trading in the stock market.

The article below is a deeper look into Dacer's influence:

BOBBY DACER: PR Man of the Rich and Powerful (from

Salvador "Bubby" Dacer was PR consultant to the rich and powerful. He is highly connected with a lot of significant names in the media enabling him to obtain a favorable press for his clients, mostly elite public personalities. Those in the know identified him as one of the most influential men in the Philippines, being one of the country's top public-relations practitioner.

Dacer instituted his reputable name in the PR industry over the years. His works as a PR man for decades has contributed much to instill his character and integrity. He who knows how to put a spin on news, creating stories to be talked about and shaping the public opinion in the most desirable way enabling the most sought after public figures to get hold of Dacer’s services.

Dacer did a job of communicating favorable bias and establishing a positive reputation of prominent figures like Former Presidents Joseph Estrada and Fidel V. Ramos, Vice President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and gambling tycoon Dante Tan. “He was responsible for projecting Fidel V. Ramos as an effective leader who brought prosperity, stability and reforms to the Philippines. Dacer also helped Arroyo link up with key media contacts, identify media-exposure events and establish her image as an economist who could fix the country's financial instability. He also portrayed Tan, accused of bringing about the country's biggest stock-market fraud, as a victim of a alliance of stockbrokers specializing in stock-market manipulation.”

Dacer, indeed effectively and successfully fostered and promoted a positive image and reputation of his clients not by killing a story that will produce a negative criticism but by letting his clients justify their opinions and personal judgment about a certain issue. "He wouldn't ask you to kill a story derogatory to his client but would plead that his client's side be printed as well," says Bobby G. dela Cruz, executive editor of The Philippine Star, a Manila daily. With such credibility, Dacer had the power to make or break a person's reputation.

The abduction of Dacer last November 24, 2000 somewhere in Makati became the talk of the nation and has been on the broadcast and print for weeks. Dacer was a big-time PR practitioner and being “it”, he has established good connections with the influential media. However, he has also met some dominant and highly prominent individuals who in turn became his opponents, one of which might be the one who is liable for Dacers’ disappearance and death. His happening certainly has a disturbing and alarming effect especially to the media. Who killed Dacer and why? He is one of the many victims of political killings in our country. He is one of those many abducted media people resulted from political injustices.

Dacer is one unbeaten PR practitioner. His contributions to our country’s politics are undeniably remarkable and outstanding. Talking about the Critical Roles of a PR person, he served as an interpreter who translates the political dealings and activities of our country’s leaders so as to keep the Filipinos familiar and up to date, allowing him to become a communication link between the citizens and the politicians. He also became Counsel for Social Responsibility, granting the Filipino nation worthy and creditable opinions, always geared up to express it and tending to hold to them persistently, unjustly dismissing other people’s damaging views about a certain public figure.

Even if other critics would articulate that Dacer, being a knowledgeable PR practitioner have only concealed the malicious and under the table dealings and transactions of many high-ranking figures, we cannot deny the fact that he, being a respectable PR man of the rich and powerful had helped to ascertain better interactions between our government and society by urging everybody by way of shaping their thinking and influencing their opinions and personal views.


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