Monday, March 29, 2010

Jai Ho!

jai hoJai Ho! It means "May you be victorious" or "victory to thee" in Hindi. It serves as a good war cry or motivational mantra, so to speak. Yet, in some people, this persevering, high-achieving, go-getter mindset is already built in.

I am one of these people. I have that killer instinct, that fighter's heart, that alpha mentality for things I consider with high regard that propels me to greater heights. It's the same fighting spirit that the gamest fighting cocks have who will pour it all out until their very death. It is one of nature's prime laws that allows the strongest, the smartest, the brightest, the cream of the crop to rise and pass on their genes. As in my case, even at the high risk of burn-out, I will push myself to the limit so as to burn brightly and to the most powerful degree.

Yet, even more than that, in the human it can be a natural instinct infused with burning emotions. Perhaps there is a yearn for a person, a place, a thing, a dream... Such aspects of our disposition--like motivation, perseverance, character, mindset, faith, hope, etc.--determine whether we will reach our goal or not. These are deciding factors on whether you will get what you want and keep what you have.

This is my last post before reaching the urban jungle of the Pearl. It is a testament and reminder of my zealous mental state and fervid fighting spirit. But also, it is an unleashing of my creative energy. I have an interest and passion for a variety of things, and I am free at this particular moment in time to allow these to bloom and flourish, while at the same time, keeping in mind that my main quest remains to seek success and victory in the Pearl of the Orient.

Our fate isn't set in stone. We have the ability to shape, choose, and chase our dreams--our destiny. So in the spirit, "May you be victorious," or in Hindi, "Jai Ho!"


Eric said...

The human nature has bravery instict....I can see that you are already prepared to conquer Manila...good luck David...may you be of help to those hopeless Pinoys living around the capital city...

Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

ngayon ko lang nalaman na ito pala ang meaning ng jai ho!

ok toh!

Jerick said...

all i could say is, see you in a few days.

Hery said...

good, i like it

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