Monday, April 05, 2010


garbage cancerPollution. I hate it. I am sure many of you do too. But, I don't think all of you realize that what you hate may actually be something that you really love.

Without synthetic chemicals, synthetic materials (like plastics), and carbon fuels (like coal, natural gas, and oil), you wouldn't be sitting in your warm (or cool), well-illuminated, and comfy room surfing the internet or watching t.v. You also wouldn't be talking on your cellphone or fiddling with the latest tech gadget while sipping on a soda or munching on your favorite fast (and processed) food. You also wouldn't be able to travel and get to the places you need to go to at very great speeds. From transportation to food and from makeup to medicines, I could go on and on about how such things are such an integral part of your daily life--because it really is.

These are things that spurred the industrial revolution and are what run civilization today as we know it. And I highly doubt you could go without them. We are no longer the humans--the animals--that nature intended us to be. But I am not going to argue whether that is okay or not. What I will say though, is that these things we created have helped in (I think 'eased' is the more correct term) our lives, but these very same things are now wreaking havoc on our lives today.

I am sure the masterminds and head honchos (and their families) of pharmaceutical, synthetic material, oil and gas, energy, chemical, fast food, and other big businesses are filthy rich, live in their well-furnished and comfortable homes, wear their sunglasses and dab on their pretty masks, eat their fancy and ridiculously expensive foods, and drive through the city protected and encapsulated in their shiny and fast cars--hardly ever having to face the toxic, corrupted, and chaotic world they helped create.

They live like this, while other people like us have to breathe in poisonous fumes, walk through garbage, and suffer the consequences of their products. However, I will say that, though we may die earlier, the elite and rich will not be far behind. They too are only human. They too have weaknesses, addictions, and vulnerabilities. They cannot escape the long-term consequences of the tampering they have committed. Their frankensteins will get to them sooner or later. It's a cancer, and it's global. There are no exceptions.


Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

totoo! hate to love..

Jhebe said...

Upon reading this, I was reminded by the coal fired power plant being constructed in our local area. Though there were rallies against it, still the local government insisted to build the plant. Hope they will realize that horrible things might happen if they try to continue the construction.

Wasaski said...

Very good post, and so true...

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