Saturday, April 03, 2010


gritPhysical and mental toughness--this is what you have to muster and maintain in times of hardship. The odds are already against me to begin with, but now I realize that so are the elements. This new environment is unlike what I have experienced in the past while residing in the provinces. Yet, my instinctive will to survive and surpass is what keeps me treading above water, even if it is by brute force.

As a full-blown resident, I realize now more than ever that it is a cut-throat world here in Manila. It is 'survival of the fittest' in an urban, synthetic, and toxic environment. There is the elite and untouchable, the moneyed in general, the robotic slaves, the impoverished masses, and the lowest of them all--the living dead. And as you move up the ladder, the fewer of such people exist and the more power is in their hands. It is a difficult climb for those who aren't born near the top.

I am one of those who are near the bottom, but who aspire to be closer to the top. But I do so not out of greed, but because of a yearn to live in the Philippines without hardship.

I am one of those who struggle for more out of a life in the Philippines. I am one who seeks a comfortable sustainability rather than just sucking in fumes, walking through garbage, and breaking my back for the elites who control the country. Is there a way to make this happen when the enemies are so powerful? By looking around, perhaps the answer is no. But, my unyielding and oftentimes unusual mindset says otherwise.

Like a fighting cock, I am pitted against my enemies, my environment, and my situation. Not everyone is going to make it out. Failure is probable, but success is not impossible. However, if you ask me, 'Do you feel lucky, punk?' Yes Clint, I do.

Note: There was an initial delay in getting this post up due to my current situation. I have no personal internet, no laptop, and budget is limited. I am trying to get into a routine and trying to improvise, so posts should gradually become more regular as I hopefully get the hang of things. But until then, bear with me.

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Nimrod said...

Keep that positive attitude mister... You'll get over that hardship in no time. :)

Happy Easter!

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